Whatever You Got

There are a lot of factors that play a role in how we feel coming to the gym. Work, kids, family, stress, lack of sleep, or the workout from the day before might have you feeling a little sluggish. It’s hard to feel 100% every single time you come into the Sweat Shop. For example, as I write this post I’m feeling pretty darn sluggish from coaching in the morning and sore from the workouts this week. One of the things I’ll probably do is get a light row in and focus on some mobility before my clients a little later. Remember, not everything you do has to be done at such a high intensity that you’re laying on the floor and gasping for air afterwards! Some other suggestions could be to come in and work on some skills (check out Nabil’s post from earlier this week), do some strength, or even just a light aerobic day (check out the Sweat Shop endurance workouts). If you do decide to workout though, focus on giving as much effort as you can! Understandably, you might not be or feel 100% but try and max out whatever you have in the tank and give as much effort as you can. I’m sure you’ll feel much better when all is said and done. As always, it’s ok if you take a complete day off to rest and recharge! No harm, no foul! Plus we’ll probably be here the next day for you to come in and crush the next workout!

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