CrossFit Team Series and Dubai CrossFit Championship

Coming up in just under a week, the CrossFit Team Series will be commencing! Every year the Sweat Shop has had a few groups come together and test their fitness with the workouts. I always find it as a good time to grab your workout buddy and see how you guys do together! Unlike the CrossFit Open, where it is completely individual based, there’s a ton of teamwork involved. It’s a great way to come up with some strategies to maximize one another’s strengths in order to do the very best you guys can. This year we have Ali and DJ participating together. Both are power houses and great athletes, so it’ll be fun watching them go at it. If anyone else is interested, it’s not too late to sign up and see if we can get maybe one or two more teams together! The first 2 workouts will be released next Wednesday (9/19) and the second set of workouts will be released the following Wednesday (9/26). Each set of workouts must be complete by their respective Mondays. The cool thing about the Team Series is that it doesn’t have to be a male/male or female/female pair. You guys are more than welcome to mix it up just like Ali and DJ. The cost is $40/team so not bad at all! Feel free to check out more info here!

Second, is another online competition. The Dubai Fitness Championships will begin sometime in  October, but registration has already opened. $25 to sign up. Similar to the open, one workout will be released over the span of 3 weeks, and you will have till the following Monday to complete them. I’ll be participating in this one, so if anyone wants to join me…feel free! I recently did the Granite Games Qualifiers a few months ago with Bri, and it was a blast! What I enjoy about these online competitions is that the programming has a different “flavor”. I checked out the workouts from last year, and all 3 were very doable in terms of simple movements. By no means am I looking to actually go to Dubai, I’m doing it strictly to have some fun! Check out more info here if any of you guys are interested.

Although these are online competitions, it’s important to remember or decide why you want to partake. For me, I’m just looking to mix things up a bit and have fun whether I’m going solo or if anyone wants to hang out and workout with me. If you wanna go all out and compete to make some $$$, go for it. Happy Exercise!!!

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  • Jacqueline Janet

    September 13, 2018 @ 8:17 pm

    yea….adds some spice to training….like it.

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