Community: The Real Fitness X-Factor


2017 Brethren Throwdown

Let me start with a disclaimer.  This post isn’t just in support of the business model (CrossFit/group fintess) that I happen to operate.  This article, from Breaking Muscle, rings especially true to me lately as I’ve recently become much more motivated to train being a part of a “community”…. of two people that is, Helen and myself.  In taking on her programming I’ve also found myself doing several of the workouts with her!  And while I’ve always had the entire Sweat Shop family as part of my “community”, which is definitely beneficial, it’s even more powerful when you have a “workout partner”.

Think about whenever you have been most focused and consistent with any workout regimen, regardless of the type of exercise, chances are it involved some sort of community!  Check out an excerpt from the Breaking Muscle article below:


If you prefer to exercise outside, or with a lot of variety, or with heavy weights, or with lots of stretching, or with games, or with anything else, there are plans for those too. Most likely, however, you prefer to work out and eat with friends.

A drive for community is at the root of most of our actions. As paradoxical as it sounds, community is the key to creating individual health changes. We are social creatures that adopt the patterns of our environment. Regardless of your goals, the answer is simple: for long-term success, create community around your health and fitness.

2010 NorCal Sectionals

“Before, I’d go to the gym to achieve a certain weight or muscle goal, and I never stuck with it. Now I show up to see my friends, and we always exercise outdoors: at the beach, in a pool, on a lawn… It’s the highlight of the day. I have no outcome I want from it, and I’ve never been in better shape in my life. It helped me realize that the secret to change and growth is not willpower, but positive community.”

Read full article here.

Similarly, with the recent popularity boom of personal fitness devices, here’s another article from Outdoor Magazine titled Fitness Trackers Fail Because They’re Not Human.

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  1. Big Mike
    Big Mike says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Most of the reason Lones and I still come to the 6:00am class is because of the great relationships we have developed with everyone there. We love the comraderie, competitive, and supportive atmosphere we share within our group. Also like Helen and you, I discovered along time ago that training with Lones keeps me motivated and working hard. We truly enjoy pushing each other. Thanks for the great post.


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