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Weekly WOD Insights 5/7/18

MONDAY Our EMOM formats are used in a couple ways. Sometimes the focus is more about volume/conditioning by going longer or maybe more reps with less rest (every minute), or other times it’s to be able to go heavier with attempting every 90 seconds or lowering the reps to a single. Today’s is a mix of both. One […]

How to Properly Use a Belt

Amongst a couple of other popular items one of the more common things you will see in any CrossFitters gym bag is a weightlifting belt. The weightlifting belt, when used properly, can provide extra stability to the midline. This extra stability helps prevent back injury and increase the amount of weight a person can lift. The key to […]

Weekly WOD Insights 4/9/18

MONDAY We’ve followed this EMOM format for some time now. It’s a great way to gradually warm-up, keep you focused and on task during the session, and it forces you to make quick adjustments. That being said, some of you who are just starting out with the fundamental or have a few technical faults, could really benefit […]

Quadricep Recovery and 18.5 Video…..Almost!

In CrossFit we tend to use the squat fairly frequently, in a variety of forms. Whether it’s the air squat, back or front squat, squat clean or squat snatch, or wallballs, we see the squat show up a lot in CrossFit! This is with good reason, because it is one of the pillars of any […]

Form Creep

The title on this article caught caught me by surprise, but when I saw it was written by Mark Rippetoe on Starting Strength, I thought it’s probably another one of his goodies! I like to refer to Rippetoe a lot, not just in training, but when I also teach in the classroom. While he can come off […]

Kinetic Chain Deadlifts

By now many of us have have attacked 18.4 and as per usual the Open has exposed a weakness we should aim to improve: heavy deadlifting. For many many of us, the deadlift was our first exposure to a lower body compound movement. When you think about it, its such a simple movement. You pick something up […]

Weekly WOD Insights 3/12/18

Lot’s of first time muscle upper/handstand pushup/walkers lately. Or damn near close calls. Keep up the great work on the part A skill work! MONDAY Bring on the RAIN! Sweat Shop Tahoe trip soon? Enjoy the outside and ultra-violet vitamins while we have it on this one! The movements inside should be quick and intense […]

Fitness and Conditioning

I read this article recently and wanted to share it with you Sweat Shoppers on contrasting the concepts of fitness versus conditioning. One being more a “potential” marker of performance while the other is a skill set. While I think this article is directed moreso towards coaches, as athletes, having an understanding of this might […]

Weekly WOD Overview

MONDAY Compare similar to: 1/28/14, 1/12/15, 11/8/16 Long grinder here. I made a slight modification in reps and weight for rx’d and adv this time to allow for more rounds and reps along with less standing around time. If you did advanced last time with ascending weights each round and you really want to try […]