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The Sport of Fitness or Functional Fitness?

Recently I was sent an an E-mail via one of the regular electronic newsletters I receive. The topic was the recent change in the CrossFit Games structure and how it may potentially affect CrossFit gyms worldwide. Essentially CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman wants to usher in a new focus on health and sustainability, as opposed to the current state […]

The Sports Gene: Hardware and Software

I read this book a while ago and enjoyed it so much that I use it in one of the classes I teach at Saint Mary’s. If you are into sports, improving human performance, and want to dive into the factors that separate the best from the rest, this is a good one! I revisited a chapter […]

Active Recovery Workouts

I am sure by now many of you have heard the term “active recovery” get thrown around a lot. It can take on many different forms for people, but simply put, its an activity where you focus mostly on restorative movement that is executed at a much lower intensity than your regular workout. Whether thats in the […]

Handstand Walking Progressions and Quality CrossFit Content

Recently you may have noticed we spent a good amount of time on working on developing the  handstand, specifically the handstand walk. Due to this concentrated effort a lot of people made a lot of improvement in their ability to handstand walk! Hopefully this success has inspired many of you to continue pursuing this skill! […]

Competing Vs. Training

What kind of mindset do you have when you walk into the gym? Is your goal to always go as fast, or as heavy as possible? Or, do you want to get better at a specific movement or skill regardless of time or loading? The approach you take to your day to day workouts can […]

Brown Rice Vs. White Rice

When it comes to the world of nutrition things are constantly changing. Food X is healthy, food X is unhealthy. Food X is the new super food, food X is actually useless. Its almost impossible to stay current with all the dietary trends because they are always evolving! A topic along the lines of this trend that has […]

Weekly WOD Insights 7/23/18

Rise and shine, ready to grind! New week brings a new life. Let’s get it! Building off of my recent post, there are plenty of options of “REDOs” this week. There are two exact WODS we did previously as well as a couple with similar formats that I’ve programmed quite regularly when it’s my turn. […]

Mindful Running

Just yesterday’s workout, while Alandi was running on the Assualt Air Runner, I told her to “be mindful while you’re running”…. meaning, I wanted her to really connect with what her body was doing and how it was moving, rather than just mindlessly putting one foot in front of the other and watching the meters […]

Overarching in the Squat

When it comes to gaining more insight on specific movements I have a few go to resources I like to utilize. One of these resources is Squat University. I have used them many times before in my blog posts because they put out top notch information that is very relevant to anyone interested in squatting, […]

Weighted Prayer Stretch

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with the actual act of praying. Im always looking for ways to improve flexibility and mobility as they are both very important to not only performance in the gym, but also performance in life! Some of the things I have been trying to incorporate more recently have been […]