Handstand Walking Progressions and Quality CrossFit Content


Recently you may have noticed we spent a good amount of time on working on developing the  handstand, specifically the handstand walk. Due to this concentrated effort a lot of people made a lot of improvement in their ability to handstand walk! Hopefully this success has inspired many of you to continue pursuing this skill! Something that always helps when it comes to learning a new skill is knowing the proper progressions for that skill. Progressions teach you the fundamentals of the skill, and ingrain good movement practices so you can optimize technique. Starting with the basics and progressing up will properly prepare to execute the full movement. It will also prevent you from developing a bad habits just to get the movement done. When it comes to skills its always better to learn proper progressions for that skill, and develop proper movement patterns, rather than just taking a get it done by any means approach.

A while ago I came across this great video on Handstand Walking progressions. It will start as basic as doing shoulder taps from a push up position and progress all the way up to performing a full wall walk with hip taps. If you perform all these progressions in order you will be able to walk on your hands in no time and with good technique with confidence! Check out the video below and the YouTube Channel for CrossFit Jaakarhu. They have a wide variety of content that can help you with muscle ups, toes to bar, butterfly pull ups, etc.. As always if you have questions on which progression is right for you, or if you are concerned about proper execution, ask a coach! And lets get you walking on those hands!


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