Weekly WOD Insights 4/29/19

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Remember to check the progressions board for the movements you are going to do during the EMOM. If you think you may be ready to progress up in movement difficulty, talk to a coach! For the finisher all the movements should allow you to keep moving. The longer rest between portions should also allow you to keep the intensity higher than usual on both portions.


A.) 6 min alt EMOM 
1-Handstand/Press Progression
2-Static Midline Progression


B.) 5 Rounds  
7 Burpee Box Jumps (Adv 9) (Beef 11)
140m Run (adv 200m run)


-Rest 3 Minutes-


C.) 4 Rounds
14/11 Cal Row (adv 16/13) (beef 18) or AB 9/7 cals (adv 11/9) (Beef 13)
12 Russian Kettlebell Swings 53/35 (adv 15 @ 70/44) (Beef 15 am. swings 70/53)


*Adv and Beef start with Part C*

For the half kneeling med ball chop, the focus should be rotation. If you watch the demo video, you can see how he gets a good amount of rotation through his torso, and thats what we are shooting for! We are trying to tap into that transverse plane. For the finisher try to keep a good intense pace. The movements are all relatively simple and should allow for fast, consistent movement the entire time (do not underestimate the jumping air squats advanced and beefy folks!). For the farmer carry match your dumbbell weight with a kettlebell.


A1.) Front Squat 


3x 8 each side


Buy in: 70m Farmer Carry (Beef single arm overhead carry)


4 Rounds 
10 Dumbbell Snatch 45/25 (adv 12 @ 50/35) (Beef 14 alt @ 50+/35+)
12 Air Squats (Adv 12 Jumping air squats) (Beef 15 Jumping air squats)


Cash out: 70m Farmer Carry (Beef single arm overhead carry)
**For farmer Carry have people match their DB weight with a KB*


Today would be a good day to learn how to climb a rope, or work on your rope climb technique. If you are interested in learning how to climb a rope, or want to refine your current technique, please ask a coach! Once you get the technique down, rope climbs aren’t too bad! Don’t be afraid to mix and match levels today if you feel comfortable with the heavier barbell or more advanced gymnastics. For our runners at the gym feel free to take on the Beef running with a mixture of other levels for the other movements.


5 Rounds 
403m Run (Beef runs 603/603/403/403/403)
8 Squat cleans 95/65 (adv 115/75) (Beef squat snatch 95/65) (Bison Squat sn. @ 115/75)
10 Hanging Knee raises or SL V-ups (Adv 6 Toes to bar) (Beef 10 toes to bar)


*at some point perform rope climbs*
Rx’d- 3
Adv- 4
Beef- 3 regular + 2 regional or legless


I remember doing this workout a really long time ago and I loved it. I think it does pretty well across all levels and allows people to push each movement a little more than usual, since theres not too much overlap with muscle groups. I think it’s also a good opportunity to get some more volume on the dumbbells for our beefy folks. For the dumbbell deadlifts just touch one head of each dumbbell on the ground, trying to get them to lay flat can be a bit awkward and too much range of motion. If you’re confused on the format, you’ll do the 5’s, 10’s, and 15’s of all the movements, and then run 200m after your set of 15 box jump overs.


A.) 6 Min alt EMOM 
1-Pulling Progressions
2- Static Midline Progression


B.) 18 minute Amrep  *Compare 11/08/17,  3/9/18*
5-10-15-200m run 
Shoulder to Overhead  95/65  115/75 (Beef DB 50/35)
Box Jump Over (Beef no step ups)


*Score total reps, 1 round is 91 reps*
**200m run is one rep**


For the EMOM, check back to see what you did last time and see if you can increase weight by a little bit. Also take into account how you may have felt the previous time, and how you feel on this day. Maybe you felt a bit tired last time or maybe you feel very good this time. Putting in notes like that can help you have a better gauge as to what you can expect from yourself on a day to day basis. For the finisher you got options, the goal is to have each effort be a true sprint, so don’t hold too much back. You’ll get a decent amount of rest but it will by no means be a full recovery. It should allow you to maintain 90-95% on all the efforts and hopefully leaving enough in the tank to finish strong on that last one! Be sure to keep track of your rest!


A.) 12 Min EMOM 
2 Clean and Jerks or Snatches


Adv option: 1 Clean and Jerk or Snatch


Beef option: 20 double unders + 2 Clean and Jerks or snatches

Keep an eye on that clock and manage your rest times!

B.) Choose your own REDLINE
-5 sets of 15 second assault Bike Sprint 
-5 sets of 20 second row sprint 
-4 sets of 70m sled push 50/25 (adv 75/50) (Beefy 100/75) (Bison 125/100)
*Rest 90 seconds between each set* 

I like the alternating every movement format since it allows people of different skill levels to be paired up. With the cardio you can choose whatever you would like, but both you and your partner have to be done with the cardio to resume the Amrap.  

         Shared suffering is the best suffering, grab a buddy and get after it!

Partner workout
21 Minute Amrap 
10 Wall Balls (adv 15) (Beefy 20) 
5 Pull ups (adv 8 pull ups or 4 C2B) (Beef 8 C2B or 3 BMU) 
8 Burpees (adv 10) (Beef 12)  


*Partners switch every movement*
**at mins 0, 7, 14 both partners perform cardio**
 ***must wait till both partners are done with cardio to continue Amrap*** 


Cardio options 
-Run 403m
-Row/ski 500/400m
-Assault Bike 25/20 cal




 3 Cycles
6 Minute Amrap 
12/10 Cal row/ski or 8/6 Assault Bike cals
10 Power Cleans 95/65 (adv 115/75) (Beef 135/95)
10 Double unders or 30 singles (adv 20 DU) (Beef 50 DU)


*rest 2 minutes between cycles*
**pick up where you left off on each cycle**
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