Weekly WOD insight 4/8/19


Recently we have been talking about trying to remember how previous squat numbers FELT. Not just simply what the weight was on the bar. We have also been encouraging you all to think about other factors such as is this your third day in a row working out? How did you sleep last night? Is this your first day back from being sick? These are just some things that you may want to consider when selecting weights for any movement, especially a strength workout. In the finisher I have put in a “new” movement. It’s called the down up, and essentially it is a burpee without the push up. The reason I wanted to try this out is because burpees are an excellent cardiovascular tool, put can overdo the pressing pattern. For the most part we tend to have anterior dominant musculature (think rounded shoulders, rounded upper back) so I want to explore ways we can minimize the overdevelopment of that.


A1.) Back Squat   (compare 12/17/18)


3x 8 each side


B.) 4 Rounds 
12 DB snatch 45/25 (adv 50/35) (Beef alt 55+/40+) (Bison double KB snatch 35+/26+)
12 Down ups  (adv Burpee)

-Cash out 140m Farmer Carry (match DB weight with KB or DB)-


*Adv + Beef buy in with 140m Farmer Carry*
**Bison Cash out with 140m Double KB front rack carry**


Recently we hav been implementing some handstand sessions, so I wanted to keep that ball rolling! If you’re someone who can hold a handstand against the wall comfortably, and wants to take the next step towards walking on your hands, I would highly encourage you to check out the hand shifts video I have linked down below! The met con finisher is one of my favorite formats, I think it always you to sustain a pretty good intensity throughout the workout


A.) 6 min alternating EMOM 
1- Handstand Progressions
2- :30s Static core hold


Handstand Progressions 
-3-5 Wall Walks (hold top for 3 seconds)
-:30s handstand hold
-Foot taps
-8-12 Hand shifts (start from box, progress up to wall)


-Plank (adv weighted plank or ring plank)
-Hollow Hold
-L-sit variations
-GHD supine Hold


8 minutes to work with coach on drills for walks or handstand push ups


5-30ft handstand walk, 2-8 strict or kipping HSPU, freestanding handstand hold


B.) 3 Rounds 
10 Front Squats 95/65 (adv 115/75) (Beef 12 OHS @ 115/75)
14 single leg v-ups (adv v-up) (Beef 10 T2B)


-Run 403m-


C.) 3 Rounds 
12 Box Jump overs (adv 14)
1 Rope Climb (adv 2) (beef 2 regional or legless)


-Run 403m-


D.) 3 Rounds 
14/12 Cal Row (adv 18) (Beef 22)
8 Pull ups (adv 5/3 BMU or 10 C2B or 12 Pull ups) (beef 8 Ring or Bar muscle ups)


*Adv + Beef start with part D*


If you’re someone who is still getting doubles down, give yourself :30s for each double under set. The finishing piece is designed to be a quicker, more intense workout, so I don’t want you getting to stuck on the doubles!


A.) Every 90 seconds for 15 min
2 Clean and Jerks or Snatches
Adv: 1 Clean and Jerk or Snatch


B.) 15-12-9-6-3
Power Clean 75/55 (adv 95/65) (Beef 115/75)
Shoulder To overhead


*After each set of S2O perform 10 double unders or 30 singles (adv 20) (Beef 40)*


Check back to see what you did on the previous time trial, and try to beat your previous time, or maybe do an advanced option if you went with an Rx’d one last time! Make sure you pick something that will give you at least four full minutes of rest before the AMRAP. For the AMRAP don’t be hesitant to set up a push up modification option if it means that it will improve your movement quality. Even if it’s something you won’t need till later on in the AMRAP, its better to maintain high quality movement throughout the entire workout.


Time Trial   *Compare 2/18/19, 11/05/18*
1 mile Run (adv 1.5 mile run)
2k Row/ Ski (adv 3k Row/Ski)
5/4k Bike (adv 7.5/6k Bike)


@ min 18:00 
10 Russian KB Swings 53/35 (adv RKBS @ 70/44) (Beef 12 Am. Swings 70/53)
7/5 Push ups (adv 9/7) (Beef 7 Handstand Push ups or Ring Dips)

I have programmed this style of strength before, and I really like it because I think it can add a lot of value to peoples training. For the split squat you will have one dumbbell in each hand, and ideally you are controlling the weight on the way down, lightly tapping your knee, and then driving up! As always don’t sleep on that wall sit, and if you want an extra challenge try the weighted version!


18 Minute Clock (compare 12/20/18)


A1.) Split Squat 
3x 8ea side


A2.) Pull Movement 
3x 6-10 reps


A3.) Plank on Elbows (adv Weighted plank)
3x :45s-1minute


Pull movement options 
-Single arm dumbbell row (6-10 each side)
-Barbell Row
-Ring Row
-Strict Pull up
-Ring Pull up


B.) 9 minute alternating EMOM 
1- Max Hang Power Cleans 95/65 (adv 115/75) (beef 135/95)
2-:45s Wall Sit (adv weighted 44+/26+)
3- Max hanging knee raises or single leg v-ups (adv T2B)


*score for Part B will be hang cleans + hanging knee raises (T2B)*


We got another partner workout this Saturday. Grab your best bud or your most formidable freinemy, and get after some cardio. Its also supposed to be a very nice day, so feel free to take your cardio equipment outside and catch some sun!


A.) Partner Workout 
10 min EMOM 
Max Cals any machine
*Partners switch every minute*
**Person not on cals must hold a :30s plank (adv weighted plank)**


-Rest 2 minutes-

B.)10 Rounds (beef 11 Rounds)
200m MB Carry 14/10 (adv 20/14)


*one person works while other performs Max Burpees*
**alternate rounds**
***Three scores, one for total cals, one for time on part B, one for total burpee***


Today is just a simple moving day. Aim to consistently move throughout the workout and use the runs as an “active rest” to give you a little break from the AMRAP.


20 minute AMRAP
10 Wall Balls (adv 14) (Beef 18)
9 Deadlifts 135/95 (adv 185/135) (Beef 225/155)
8 Box Jumps


* at 5:00, 10:00 and 15:00, everyone runs 200m*