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Week 2 – WOD Review 9/6/21

Monday In n’ Out was my inspiration for today’s workout – “Come inside for some Wall Balls and DB Snatches, then out you go!”   Today’s workout isn’t very complex, so it’s your responsibility to manage the intensity! If you feel good, or this is your first workout if the week, I encourage you to […]

Week 1 – WOD Review 8/30/21

Optional 4-Week Accessory Workouts: If you have a little extra time before or after class, feel free to tackle one of these workouts. All four workouts will take 8:00 – 10:00 and will be available for the next four weeks. Also, all movements are relatively simple or easy to learn!     3 Rounds 1:00 […]

Weekly WOD Review 6/21/21

Monday If you attended class last week, you have another chance to practice your Push Jerks today. If you feel comfortable with the Push Jerk, or if you would like to learn the Split Jerk, you’re more than welcome to do that as well! Similar to the past few weeks, you’ll have the option to […]

Weekly WOD Review 6/14/21

Monday Today’s workout is similar to one that was programmed last week. With both sections being ten minutes in length, make sure you understand when you need to slow down to catch your breath and when to push the pace. You’ll get to practice with two different types of workouts. The first workout being a […]

Weekly WOD Review 6/7/21

Monday You have the opportunity to choose between a Strength or Conditioning Focus for your Part A, which is similar to last week’s strength session. Different from last week, today we will focus on Front Squats. Front Squats are super important as they are a necessity when learning/performing the Clean. Enjoy!     A)   […]

Weekly WOD Review 5/31/21

Optional 4-Week Accessory: These simple workouts will be on the whiteboard for the next four weeks. Essentially, the workouts are quick ways for you to work on some accessory movements. Accessory movements generally address specific areas in the body in order to improve your overall quality of movement. Sometimes it can help relieve some aches […]

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Week 4 – WOD Review 3/29/21

Monday   A) 3 Rounds 600m Run (800m) 70m Farmer Carry ~45/25 (~50/35) (~55+/40+) 10/8 Push Ups (12) (10/8 Handstand Push Ups) (12 Handstand Push Ups) 10 Cals (15) (20)   B) Optional Accessory: Pick One   Coaching Notes: If scaling Push Ups, we encourage you to maintain the Push-Up Plank position. Instead of dropping […]

Week 3 – WOD Review 3/22/21

Monday   A) 8:00 AMRAP 15 Cal Machine 15 Russian KB Swings 53/35 (Power Cleans 95/65) (Power Cleans 115/75)   – rest 2:00 –   B) 8:00 AMRAP 15 Cal Machine 15 Goblet Squats 53/35 (Front Squat 95/65) (Front Squat 115/75)   C) Optional Accessory Workout (Pick 1)   Coaching Notes: These 8:00 time domains […]

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Week 2 – WOD Review 3/15/21

Monday   A) 3 Rounds 30 Cals (40) (50) 10 Pull Ups (10 Chest to Bars) (10 Muscle Ups) 20 Wall Balls (30) (40)   B) Optional Accessory: Pick 1 Workout from the Board   Coaching Notes: – Nothing fancy in this one, we are going straight to work on Monday! You’ll have to really […]