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Weekly WOD Review – 3/7/22

Monday Happy Monday. If you’re needing to scale the Pull Ups, be sure to allow yourself a minimum of 3 repetitions before you’re needing to take a break. It’s important to maintain good discipline through strict movements regardless of whether or not your heart rate is elevated. Understandably, being a bit fatigued makes things a […]

Weekly WOD Review – 2/27/22

Monday For those of you that are comfortable working with percentages, go ahead and warm up to about 70% of your 1RM. From there, although not necessary for today’s workout, feel free to build in load over the 15:00 EMOM. On the other hand, if you’re not accustomed to working with percentages or still fairly […]

Weekly WOD Review – 2/21/22

Monday If you’ve been working on different positions or complexes over the past few weeks, it’s always a good idea to apply everything you’ve been working on. Today you’ll have the chance to do just that, or if you’d like, you can continue to work on complexes/positions to further improve different sections of the complete […]

Weekly WOD Review – 12/20/21

Monday During today’s weightlifting session, you’ll have the opportunity to perform the complex down below. Complexes help in a variety of ways, and they allow you to focus on specific cues. In doing so, they help improve the overall movement down the road. The complex below is good in helping you understand how to use […]

Weekly WOD Review – 12/13/21

Monday Today you’ll have the opportunity to learn or practice the Split Jerk. The Split Jerk is another movement that allows an individual to move the barbell from the shoulders to the overhead position. Specifically, for this movement there is some fancy footwork involved, but your coach will be able to go over any drills […]

Weekly WOD Review – 12/6/21

Monday Today you’ll primarily be focusing on the mechanics of the Power Clean and Push Press.   In Part A, you’ll have the chance to learn and hone in your Power Clean technique in an environment that is less intense than a typical conditioning workout. This format will allow the coach to give you some […]

Weekly WOD Review – 11/29/21

Monday For this workout, it’s important to make sure your heart rate doesn’t elevate too much during the first 10:00. You’ll definitely want to have plenty of energy left for when the rounds get into the larger numbers towards the end. There are a few things you can do to ensure you make it through […]

Week 4 – WOD Review 9/20/21

Monday Feel free to choose between Front Squats or Overhead Squats. If choosing to do Front Squats, compare how you do to a couple of week ago (9/9) when we last did this. No worries if you were unable to attend, this is your chance to create a baseline for yourself. Conversely, this is a […]

Week 3 – WOD Review 9/13/21

Monday Today’s challenge will be how well each of you can manage your way through 20 repetitions of each movement. Twenty is a relatively high number, so it’s important that you do not allow your heart rate to become to elevated at any one point of the workout. If you are comfortable with the volume […]