Weekly WOD insights 10/03/2022

You may notice the strength format is similar to last weeks, and thats because it is…..the same. As a staff we agreed that this format is great for getting strength work in and quality gymnastics while providing us with the opportunity to adequately coach people on both. There is an option to increase the squat load if you feel comfortable doing so. IF there is any gymnastics drill you’d like to try, ask your coach if they would be okay with you doing it during todays class. The finisher should be short and intense. You should be able to do the kettlebell swings unbroken and should be able to move consistently on the box without really slowing down. Shoot fort he 4-7 minute range!


A.) Every 5 minutes for 25 minutes
– 5 Back Squats, Front Squats (adv 3’s)
– Muscle Up Gymnastics Skill or Drill Progression


*Pushing Gymnastic Progressions options (assisted or unassisted)
1.) 5-10 Pushups
4.) 3-5 Butt Banded Muscle Up Transition https://www.youtube.com/shorts/whXoACKU82E
5.) 3-5 Muscle Ups
6) 3-5 False grip pull up


B.) 21-15-9 
Russian kettlebell swings 53/35 (70/44) (Am swings @ 70/53)
Box Jump overs




A great thing about our gym is we have multiple contribute to the programming. This provides you all with a diverse range of styles and can make for some very fun workouts! As a programmer it also provides me with a lot of fresh ideas. I noticed that some of the other coaches have been utilizing percentages of lifts in met cons, and I think this is a great way to provide a little more customization to your workout! Today is all about practicing some higher skill movements under a bit of fatigue. I think each chunk being shorter in terms of reps will allow for you all to keep moving and not get stuck on one portion. Also don’t ever be afraid to mix and match levels!


7 rounds 
4 Clean and jerks 95/65 (115/75) (Adv @ 70-75% of 1rm)
70m Run
5 Pull ups (Adv C2B) (2/1 Bmu) (4 Bmu)
6 Burpees (Adv Bar facing burpees)
200m run


If you have ever looked at my programming you will know that I am a big fan of single leg work. Whether its lunge, split squats, single leg deadlifts, I love working it into training programs because most of the time it is fairly lacking. Its especially hard to work it into class programming so I always make it a point to put it in when it’s my turn to program for the gym. The first portion for today will be focused at quality movement (hence the lighter barbell), so be sure you choose a barbell loading that will allow you to control the movement the entire time. You will also notice that there is no hanging knee raise/ toe to bar work. This is not a mistake, this was a purposeful choice. Toes to bar are great, but are very dependent on your lat strength (which of course is vital in CrossFit). If we only do toes to bar for our midline work, I think we are going to miss out on a lot of opportunity to purely work the midline. In my opinion, working on your v ups can greatly improve your toe to bar ability. While part A will be challenging, part B is where you can really go for it in terms of intensity. Choose a push press weight you can go unbroken on every round, and push that pace on the machine! Nothing less than 65 RPM on the bike!


A.) 12 Minute amrap for quality
12 Barbell Lunges 75/55 (95/65 ) (115/75) (135/95)
12 Single leg v ups, Tuck ups, or V ups
70m D ball or farmer carry 40/20 (50/35) (Beef Dual KB front rack carry 44+/26+)


-3 minute rest-


B.) 4 rounds 
12 Barbell Push press 75/55 (95/65 ) (115/75) (135/95)
10 Calories any machine (12) (15 cal Bike only)



Another trademark of my programming: aerobic work. While high intensity is great for workouts, it shouldn’t be the only level you execute your workouts at. We should vary our intensities to make sure we train all of our energy systems to give us the bet all around fitness level. Improving your aerobic system will actually make sure higher intensity workout better, and will allow you to recover from workout to workout faster! Your pacing should be slow enough today where if you wanted to, you should be able to have short bit conversation with your coach or classmate. For all movements today, aim to focus on the quality since you will be getting a decent amount of volume on them.


“Aerobic Bonanza”
30 Minute “amrap”


403m run or machine equivalent
2 rounds 
8-12 Push ups or  dumbbell bench press
6-10 Ring rows or strict pull ups
10 Double unders (20) (50)
403m run
 2 Rounds
45 second wall sit (adv weighted)
8 Dumbbell Deadlifts 30/20 (40/30) (50/40)



For the finisher the dumbbell will be staying above the knees the entire time. We don’t do hang snatches often but I like them since the turnover is a bit faster and it usually doesn’t blow up the low back as much. Even though it is called a dumbbell snatch, I would compare the patterning to being more similar to a kettlebell swing, rather than. a barbell snatch. This is because we will be using a hinge pattern. A lot of times people see snatch and assume they need to keep their torso very vertical like in a barbell snatch. In a hinge pattern (like the dumbbell hang snatch) the chest will go forward as then hips get driven back. This allows for optimal loading of the hamstring’s and maintains balance in the foot.  For todays finisher shoot for 7-10 minutes.


A.) Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes
2 Clean and Jerks or Snatches


Adv option: 1 C&J or Snatch


B.) For time
200m Med ball carry
 4 rounds 
15 Dumbbell hang snatch 45/25 (50/35 (alt 50+/35+)
8 Burpees (Beef Lateral burpees over the DB)
200m Run or machine equivalent



Today will  a nice mixture of some higher skill movements paired with some lower skilled movements. The toe to bar/ wall ball pairing is a spicy one because you’ll be dealing with some fatigue from the toes to bar which will make the squat tougher. The first cardio piece will be allowing for some active recovery. The second met con piece will test your double undering ability! Since the amrap is on the shorter side, be sure to not spend longer than 40 seconds on each set of double unders. The last cardio piece will be a tougher ask. You’ll have to be moving with a little more gusto to make the cap, especially if you do the 800m option!


8 Minute amrap 
8 Wall balls (12) (16)
8 Hanging knee raises (4 toes to bar) (8 toe to bar)


-4 minute clock-
Run 403m or machine equivalent


8 Minute amrap 
6 Deadlifts 165/115 (185/135) (225/155) (3 @ 275/205)
10 Double under (20) (50)
12/9 Calories any machine (15/12)


-4 minute clock-
Run 603m or machine equivalent (adv 800m or machine equivalent)



You’ll get to try your hand at  some strong man type movements. You’ll still have your traditional Crossfit moves in there, but you’ll also get to attack the D ball or sandbag. These implements provide a nice change of pace from the usual movements that we do. If you want to get some rope climb practice in, be sure to ask a coach for some help after we break at the white board!


5 rounds 
8 Front squats 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
10 Box Jump overs (Beef 15)
6 D ball over shoulder or sand bag over shoulder or 70m sled push (select load)
400m run or machine equivalent


@ Some point during the workout

Rx’d- 2 Rope climbs

Adv- 4 rope climbs
Beef- 2 regular + 2 Short