Weekly WOD Insights 10/10/22


Today is continuing with the theme of barbell heavy workouts we have a nice blend of complex and non complex barbell movements. You amy notice that the barbell movements get less complex as you get deeper into the workout. I did this intentionally because I know it is harder to keep an emphasis on technique as you get more tired. You will also e front loading the gymnastics movements so you can bring a lot of attention to your movement quality on those as well.

5 Rounds 
5 Clean and Jerks 95/65 (115/75) (115/75)
8 Hanging knee raises (4 T2B) (8 T2B)

-403m run or machine equivalent (adv 603m)-

4 rounds 
6 Hang cleans 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
8 Box Jumps (Beef 12)

-403m Run (adv 603m)-

3 Rounds 
7 power cleans 95/65 (115/75) (155/105)
8 Burpee Box Jumps (Beef 12)

Its no secret that I am a huge advocate of single leg work when it comes to strength. I think people often overlook single leg movements in the desire to chase big numbers on traditional movements like the back squat or the deadlift. You might be surprised to hear though that working in these single leg movements can sometimes give you more benefit than continually only working bilateral movements (i.e. back squat and deadlift). We will be taking a break this week from our normal squat routine to focus in on some single leg work. You should still push yourself and aim to get 4 fairly challenging sets of lunges in. Just because its a single leg movement doesn’t mean you should take it easy in terms of your effort. We also will be working in our gymnastics into our strength. These seems to be a great way to work with a lot of you to help refine your gymnastics ability. We will be switching it up though and tackling some handstand walks.
A.) Every 5 Minutes for 20 Minutes 
-8 ea side Barbell reverse lunges (Adv booty blaster 8 ea side bulgarian split squats)
-Handstand walking progressions
  • Wall walk facing the wall with 20-30s hold at the top
  • Handstand hand shifts (can be on box or against wall) 20-30s
  • Handstand walk to wall
  • Assisted handstand walk
  • Handstand walk
B.) Every 3 Minutes for 9 minutes 
70m D ball or farmers Carry
14 Dumbbell Snatches 45/25 (adv 18 @ 50/35) (Beef alt 50+/35+
In time remaining: Max calories any machine
Guess who’s back, back again, zone 2’s back, no one cares. Just kidding. But lower intensity is the goal for today. Most weeks I try to work in some lower intensity, or what I would refer to as zone 2 work, at least once a week. There is benefit in incorporating this style of training even though it may feel like you are not working as hard. It trains a different energy system than our normal CrossFit workouts, and it also provides us with a chance to get a good amount of recovery in. Try to chill out a little bit on the pacing today, I promise that it will not take away from your fitness!
“Spiceometircs” (Spicy isometrics)
25 Minute amrap 
800m run or machine equivalent
20 Russian KB swings 53/35 (70/44)
30s tuck hollow hold (adv hollow hold)
25 Air squats
20 second ring row hold or pull up hold

Today will be a spicy combo of some skill practice that goes right into a good muscular endurance challenge. You’ll get lots of time to refine your double unders on the first portion, and then be thrown right into a little push pull met con. You’ll have to manage some shoulder fatigue since the pushing movement and double unders will tax the upper body. Aim to break up your pushing movement earlier rather than later if you know it tends to be a limiter for you. You may also have noticed that there is a floor press option today. This is a nice dumbbell alternative to the push up, but does not require a bench like the dumbbell bench press. If you have enjoyed doing bench press over the past couple of weeks, give it a try!
3 Cycles 

1 minute max double or single unders

       -Immediately into-

6 minute ascending amrep 
3 Deadlifts 135/95 (165/115) (185/125) (205/135)
3 Push ups or DB Floor press (Adv 3 HSPU) (Beef 3 hspu)
3 Cals any machine
6 Deadlifts 135/95 (165/115) (185/125) (205/135)
6 Push ups or DB Floor press (Adv 3 Hspu) (Beef 6)
6 Cals any machine
9 Deadlifts 135/95 (165/115) (185/125) (205/135)
9 Push ups or DB Floor press (Adv 3 hspu) (Beef 9 Hspu)
9 Cals any machine

-1 minute rest-

*Rx’d/ Adv reset between each rounds*
**Beef pick up on each amrep**

Similar to Mondays workout, we have some decreasing barbell complexity as you get more tired. Today is a wht I would call strength skill. we are not working in traditional strength training formats since our heart rates will be much higher today, and we will be focusing on some specific movements to improve our skill in CrossFit. For the barbell movements on Part A and B, bring extra attention to technique instead of focusing on the load on the bar. You’ll still be getting the heart rate up, and I promise if you really empty the tank on part C, you will get more than you need for your intensity fix.
A.) 8 minute alternating EMOM 
1- 5 Push press 95/65 115/75 135/95 (Bison: Select load)
2- 5-10 Pull ups (C2B) (Beef 1-5 Muscle Ups)

-Immediately into-

B.) 8 Minute alternating emom 
1- 6 Touch and go power cleans 95/65 115/75 135/95 (Bison: Select load)
2- 8 Cals any machine (10) (12)

-Immediately into-

C.) 6 Minute alternating emom
1- Max dumbbell hang snatch 40/20 (45/25) (50/35) or KB snatch (select load)
2- 70m Sled push 45/25
Biiiiiig sets today. You can see that you’ll be working with much larger volume sets than usual. Be strategic with how you break things up so you can manage fatigue as needed. Id say for the wall balls and toes to bar, keep track of your rest between your sets. Counting to a number like five in your head can be a very useful tool to get you back to the movement, and maintain a methodical pace. If you get towards the end and you don’t have enough time to make the cardio piece you are supposed to do, cut it down to something you think you can make!
20 Minute amrap 
30 Wall balls (adv 40) (Beef 50)
25 Hanging Knee raises (adv T2B) (Beef 40)
20 Russian KB swings 53/35 (70/44) (30 Am swings 70/53)
603m Run or machine equivalent (adv 800m)
Coach Breezy is running the show today so I had to bring in a little devils press special. You all know Bri loves devils press so I figured I would put together a nice little brunch piece that incorporates the movement that people love to hate. Theres not much to say about this one other than it will be a good challenge and will keep you moving the entire time. I am also giving you a fair warning now that you may end up doing a double dumbbell devils press regardless of the level that you choose. Bri is quite the convincing lady.
“Breezy’s Brunch hour”

3 rounds 
10 Single arm devils press 40/20 (45/25 (8 Double DB: Select loading)
10 Box Jump overs (Beef 15)
10 Single arm devils press
10 box Jump overs (Beef 15)
12 Cals any machine (15) (20)

*90s rest between each round*