Weekly WODs 10/24/22


We got some movement variety for ya today! We have a little bit of overhead pressing, some gymnastics practice, and some lateral movement. If you look at CrossFit as a whole, almost all movements occur in the sagital plane (forward or backward movement). While there are amazing movements that occur in this plane, its necessary to incorporate movements that occur in different planes. Enter the lateral lunge. This movement will have you moving in the frontal plane (side to side), which will have better transfer in terms of functionality for your everyday life. The finisher will have an ascending scheme so you will need to pace early on to anticipate dealing with higher volume as you get tired.


@ 0:00
12 Minute Emom 
1- 3 Push presses or Push Jerks (select load)
2- 6-12 Hanging knee raises or toes to bar
3- 8 ea side goblet lateral lunge


-4 minute transition period-


@ 16:00


200m Run
10 Russian Kb swings 53/35 70/44 (Beef am swings 70/44)
10 Burpees
200m run (beef 400)
15 Russian Kb swings
15 burpees
200m run (Beef 400)
20 Russian Kb swings
20 Burpees



The reason why there are no clean and jerks in todays workout is because yesterday there was a fair amount of overhead work for the strength portion. If you didn’t make it to class yesterday feel free to opt for the clean and jerk! For the finisher we will be working on some lower body conditioning. The buy in snatches should be done unbroken, which will you give you what feels like a surprisingly long time on the wall ball portion. If you want to be strategic I would break the wall balls into 2-3 sets depending how much time you have left. If you are feeling ambitious and opt for the beefy challenge you have to perform one unbroken set each time. Once the ball hits the ground, the set is over for you.


A.) Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes 
2 Cleans or Snatches


Adv 1 rep


B.) 3 rounds
2 Minute clock 
14 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (50/35) (20 alternating reps 50/35)
-In time remaining max wall balls- (Beef challenge: one set unbroken every time)
*30 seconds of rest between rounds*



Today we will be working with some heavier deadlifts than our usual. The deadlift is one of the easiest lifts to learn, but also requires a lot of practice to master. Focus on maintaining quality position on the deadlifts, especially as you get towards the end of the workout. You can have much more freedom to push he pace on the box jump overs and cardio pieces.


14 Box Jump overs
8 Deadlifts 165/115 (205/135) (225/155) (255/165)
14 Box Jump overs
8 deadlifts
403m run or machine equivalent (Adv 603 or machine)
11 Box Jump overs
7 Deadlifts

11 Box JUmp overs

Deadlifting into his 60’s… J Klein!

7 deadlifts
403m run or machine equivalent (Adv 603 or machine)
8 Box Jump overs
6 Deadlifts
8 Box JUmp overs
6 deadlifts
All levels 403m run
5 Box Jump overs
5 Deadlifts
5 Box Jump overs
5 deadlifts
All levels 403m run


You all know how I love to work in some lower intensity, longer workouts into our programing. I think the benefits of varying your intensities are objectively better than always hitting every workout at 100%. Even at the  highest level of CrossFit, many of the athletes opt to perform workouts at lower intensities, and even do a fair amount of monostructural (running, rowing, or biking), in their programming. With yesterdays workout being a tough one, and tomorrow bringing the return of the dreaded lunges, I would advise you to tone things down a bit for today and just focus on getting a good sweat going.


30 Minute zone 2 
600m run or machine equivalent
6-12 Push up/Floor press/Ring push up/ Ring dip
70m Farmer carry or D ball carry
30s forearm plank (adv hollow hold)
12 Single leg v ups, tuck ups, V ups


A guide on how to know where zone 2 is for you.


Ahhhh yes the reverse lunges are back! With so many people giving me rave reviews (people told me their 🍑 was sore), I had to bring these back. Single leg work is often overlooked since it is nowhere as flashy as the traditional barbell lifts, but people can reap so many benefits from incorporating it into their training. If you managed to make it to the previous time we did these, I would actually suggest to keep the weight the same and focus on just having more control. Loading up lunges is great, but if it compromises your control of the movement it may not give you the same benefit.


A.) Every 5 Minutes for 20 Minutes 
-8 ea side Barbell reverse lunges (Adv booty blaster 8 ea side bulgarian split squats)
-Handstand walking progressions


B.) 4 Rounds 
200m run or machine equivalent
15 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44)
6 Pull ups (Adv C2B)


Beef Pumpkin spice 
10 minute emom 
6/4 Bike cal cals
6 Chest to bar pull ups (2/1) (4 BMU)



I have used this alternating format in the past and it usually seems to yield a positive result. You can choose to cruise on the cals and then go ham on the amarap, split the effort down the middle, or go ham on the cals and cruise on the amrap. Lots of options on how you can attack the workout today! Given that you will be working in short chunks on the amrap, you will want to opt to keep each double under set to 40 seconds or shorter. Even though we want you all to get practice in on that movement and get better, we still want you to get a good overall workout. Today is also a great day to take a crack at a heavier D ball! The amrap peice is short, and like I said earlier, you can opt to go a little more ham on the calories and get your intensity from there.


24 minute clock, alternating between


– 3 Minute any machine calories


– 3 minute amrap

8 Double unders (adv 16) (Beef 32)
8 Shoulder to overhead 95/65 (115/75) (135/95 or 50/35 DB)
4 D ball or sandbag over shoulder


*Pick up where you left off on amrap each time*


Short and sweet, hey thats neat! Overall the workout will still be within the 17-21 minute range. But with the formatting I am hoping everything goes by fairly quick. The wall balls should be done mostly unbroken, and at the most, broken up into two sets. Aim to consistently move on the box jumps and burpees, and you will be through the 7 rounds in no time! Take note that the order of your cardio pieces will depend on the level that you choose. This set up is aimed at breaking up any potential congestion that there might be on the sleds. After you finish off the workout, go out for a little brunch or kick back and watch some football! Its the day of rest!


7 Rounds 
8 Wall balls (12) (15)
7 Box Jumps (Beef 10)
6 Burpees (Adv 10)


Rx’d & Adv
-After every odd round, perform 200m run
-After every even round, perform 70m Sled push 45/25


-After every odd round, perform 70m Sled push
-After every even round, perform 200m run or machine equivalent


Don’t forget y’all! Halloween               is tomorrow!