Month: August 2017

CrossFit Team Series

And in just a little over a month, the CrossFit Team Series is back! I’ve participated the past 2 years and I can say that it was a blast each time!! It’s always fun working as a team, strategizing, and really coming together over the course of the competition to crush each workout. Although when I’ve participated […]

Rip No More!

While coaching today I witnessed a few people tearing their hands from doing higher rep pull ups. I am sure many of us are not strangers to the concept of tearing a callous because we did a lot of reps on the pull up bar. Not only is it annoying to deal with during a […]

Baby Berkley

A big congratulations to members Jen and Rikus on their beautiful baby girl. Berkley Ann Pretorius made her debut on July 30th at 9:27am, weighing in at 6lbs 6oz. Big props to mama for working out during her entire pregnancy. I know it’s not always the most comfortable, especially at the end. We look forward […]

Extra Credit

By now everyone has probably seen the Sweaty Swag board at the gym.  Originally intended to give props for personal records it has also been really useful for helping hold people accountable for extra credit work.  While James had the idea years ago of a “Extra Sweat-It” board, where the coaches would write up accessory […]

2017 Games Recap

As you all know Jacqueline finished up her 2017 season this past week in Madison at the CF Games! I wanted to give a recap as I know many of you who were cheering from home couldn’t see or hear about the action. When she’s back from her much deserved vacation in Tahoe, you’ll get […]

Is Chalk REALLY the Answer???

You have 15 pull ups left in your workout and you do a set of 10…5 pull ups left. Are you one of those people who takes a TREK to the nearest chalk bucket, or are you the one who doesn’t think twice and goes right back to it? 2 clean & jerks left and […]

Strength Primers

We all know that a good warm up is necessary to have a good workout. We need to make sure we spend ample time preparing our bodies for the movements we are about to execute. This may include mobilizing certain joints, stretching or activating certain muscles, or performing drills to hone in technique for lifting. […]

MCT oil

I’ve been using MCT oil and grass fed butter in my coffee the last few weeks. I had done bulletproof coffee in the past with coconut oil and butter but have been using heavy whipping cream as of late. I decided to switch back to bulletproof coffee but this time use MCT oil. I must say, I’m pleasantly […]

The New CrossFit Games

Look for a complete recap of Jacqueline’s weekend later this week from JB.  I on the other hand want to give my insight from what I experienced at the CrossFit Games with it being my first time I’ve been since 2013. Compared to Los Angeles, Madison was a cool little town, just a short, and […]

Follow The Games This Weekend!

The 2017 CrossFit Games got underway this week and our very own Masters Athlete, Jacqueline started her 3rd quest and last year in the 50-54 age division! If you haven’t followed the action, know that you can get regular updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Nabil and Helen have posting some cool vids on […]