Heat Advisory!

Alright Sweat Shoppers, I know we have a lot of weekend warriors and I’m sure all of you know how hot it’s going to be this weekend! Even though our classes are in the morning, usually it starts to get up there in temperature around 10am. So! If you plan on coming to the gym this weekend before you escape to somewhere cooler, here are some tips that will help you stay safe as you get your fitness on.

  1. Water Hydrate the day before! Drink water well before you come in, during, and after! Even when you’re not thirsty, drink water anyway. Normally, the sensation of feeling thirsty is an early sign of dehydration. We want to avoid that!
  2. Loose and Light-Colored Clothing Darker colors attract heat, and we don’t need to be doing that when we exercise! Tight-fitting clothing tends to heat the body up even more, so let’s try and stay away from those too!
  3. Electrolytes A balance in electrolytes is essential for normal function of our cells and organs. Nabil brought some electrolyte tablets on Monday, and they were a hit with the members that came in towards the evening. All you have to do is drop a tablet in your water and boom! JB and I used these while we were in Peru as well. Check out the tablets he brought here!
  4. Listen to your Body Let’s not go overboard when we work out in crazy heat like what we are expecting this weekend. I know a lot of you like to really get after it and push yourself, but just remember to listen to your body. Dizziness, feeling faint, or nauseous or warning signs to be careful of!

So if you are plan on coming by this weekend, please take extra care of yourselves! Although we want you to get your fitness on, we want you to stay as safe as possible doing what you enjoy doing!

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