Weekly WOD Review 4/19/21

The sneaky part of this workout is that while the later cardio portions are shorter, the deads/du/and pushups get a little more taxing. Choose a weight on deadlifts that can be done in 1-2 quick sets. As far as jump rope, you might notice that the reps are a little higher than normal for respective levels. I’ve felt that the double under skill set at the Shop has evolved and will be adding more reps here and there. As always, shoot for a number that will take you no longer than a minute-90 seconds worth. If you need to modify the pushups work with the coach on either using the band-assisted version or the elevated hand version.

800m Run or Row (ADV Row: 1000) (Bike 40/35, ADV: 45/40)
12 Deadlifts 135/95, 165/115, 185/125, 205/155
20 Double Unders or 100 Single Unders (ADV: 40 DU) (Beef: 60 DU)
9/7 Pushups (ADV: 15/10 or 8/4 HSPU) (Beef: 20 Pushups or 12 HSPU)

600m Run or Row (ADV Row: 750m) (Bike 30/25, ADV: 35/30)

400m Run or Row (ADV Row: 500m) (Bike 20/15, ADV: 25/20)

200m Run or Row (ADV Row: 250m) (Bike 10/8, ADV: 15/10)

Don’t be duped by the 1 minute rest here. It was NOT intended for you to get a full recovery. The format is set up to entice you to go unbroken. Because of that, I wanted a quick minute in between to regroup after the carry, and be able to get into the machine semi composed. Grip will be a factor and the lunge to carry transition is unassumingly tiresome. Move efficiently!

5 Rounds
20 Calories Row, Runner, or Ski (Beef: 25) (Bike: 20/15) (ADV/Beef Bike: 25/20)
8 Shoulder to Overhead 75/55, 95/65, 115/75, 135/95 (DB Version: 40-45/20-25, 45-50/30-35)
8 Lunges 75/55, 95/65, 115/75, 135/95 (DB Version: 40-45/20-25, 45-50/30-35)
6 Pullups (ADV: C2B or 4/2 BMU) (Beef: 10 C2B or 6/4 BMU) (Bison: 8 BMU)
70m Farmer Carry or odd Object Carry
(Bison challenge: 15ft HSwalk after the carry! HS Walks on Thursday as well)
-Rest 1 minute b/t rounds-

I wanted to use part A as a warmup to part B for seasoned lifters. We rarely have sets of 3 in a metcon so today is a chance to go a little heavier than normal. That being said, newer folks to the lifts should be keeping the weight on part B similar to the EMOM. Just like any other EMOM day, focus on fine tuning the fundies of the lifts. For part B, I’m hoping you can finish each set in around 3 minutes giving you around a minute to rest. Ask the coach for any modifications for the midline options if you are not hanging from the bar just yet or want more of a challenge than situps.

Rx’d: EMOM for 10 minutes
2 Squat Snatch or Cleans
ADV: 10 minutes to build to moderately challenging snatch or clean

B.) Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes (5 sets each for time)
400m Row or Run or 20/15 Cal Bike (ADV Bike 20m/f)
10 Situps or Hanging Knee Raises (ADV: 5 T2B) (Beef: 10 T2B)
3 Cleans or Snatches (choose a weight that you can do 3 singles comfortably with around 5-10 seconds between reps).


This workout looks boring on paper, but give it a shot. Even you SETH! I know you love KBS! I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had doing 3 movements I am not great at together. A big reason was the reps restarting at 3’s after 12 and than the task at the end of each round was a solid break from it. While it looks legsy on paper, expect the shoulders to feel surprisingly more fatigued than usual. The end-round options to choose from range from legs, to lungs, to gymnastics so choose something you’d like to work on under a little bit of fatigue!

AMRAP in 18 minutes
3 Russian KB Swings 53/35, 70/44, (Beef: American 70/53)
3 Wall Balls
3 Box Jumps

**ALL LEVELS: Choose ONE of the following to do after the 12’s, and then return back to 3’s and start a new round:
– 15-30ft Handstand Walk
– 70m Sled Push 45/25, 90/45, 135/90
– 15 Calories any machine
– 45 Second Static Hold (Wall Sit, Plank, L-Sit, HS Hold)

We finish the cycle with 3-2-1 next week. Keep gaining them gains!

A.) Back Squat, Front Squat, or Overhead Squat
Ascending sets
**Compare last 2 weeks

4 Rounds
3 Minute clock, no rest b/t sets
250m Row or Ski or 15/12 Cal Bike (ADV: 18/15)
Max Reps in time remaining (choose one:)
– SB or Dball over shoulder
– Devils Press
– DB Snatch or KB Snatch


24 minute cap

600m run or row
8 Rounds (ADV: 9 Rounds)(Beef: 10 Rounds)
5 Wall Balls
3 Down Ups (adv burpees)
2 Power Cleans 95-115/65-75 (ADV: 1 rep @ 115-135/75-95) (Beef 1 @ 155-165/105-115) (Bison: 1@ 185/125)

400m run or row

8 Rounds (ADV: 9 Rounds)(Beef: 10 Rounds)
5 Wall Balls
3 Down Ups (adv burpees)
2 Power Cleans 95-115/65-75 (ADV: 1 rep @ 115-135/75-95) (Beef 1 @ 155-165/105-115) (Bison: 1@ 185/125)
200m Run or Row


800m Run or Row (ADV Row: 1000) or 40/35 Cal Bike (ADV Bike: 45/40mf)
21 DB Snatches 45/25 or 65/45 Barbell (ADV: 50/35 or 75/55 Barbell) (Beef: 70/50 or 95/65 Barbell) (Bison: 115/75 Power Snatch)
21 Calories any machine
15 Pullups (ADV: 21) (Beef: 21 C2B)
12 Pullups (ADV: 15) (Beef: 15 C2B)
9 Pullups (ADV: 9) (Beef: 9 C2B)
800m Run or Row (ADV Row: 1000) or 40/35 Cal Bike (ADV Bike: 45/40mf)

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