WOD Review 11/26/18

The concept for this workout is to move quickly and to challenge you guys to really dial in your technique for the 3 clean & jerks. The goal is to pick a weight that you can clean & jerk as technically sound as possible under fatigue and not just “smash” through it. As a reference, the weight you choose should take you no longer than 30 seconds.
6 Rounds
403m Run
6 Burpees (Bar Facing Burpees)
3 Clean & Jerks 95/65 115/75 135/95
– rest 1:00 –
*RxD: Last 3 rounds run 200m instead of 403m
**Bison Ascending Option:
Row/Ski Options: 500m/400m (RxD last 3 rounds – 250m/200m)
Bike Option: 18/12 (RxD last 3 rounds – 15/10)
Go ahead and pick one of the pulling options to incorporate during your squat session today. I recommend alternating between your pulling and squatting sets though. Ideally, you would want to avoid performing back to back sets of the same movement for today’s strength session. You guys will have plenty of time for parts A1 and A2, so please take your time! Compare your squat session to earlier this month and maybe shoot for 5-10lbs more on each of your sets from last time.
As for your finisher, if needed, scale double unders to something you can complete within 20-30 seconds. Single unders are an option as well, so keep that in mind too!
– 25:00 for A1 and A2 –
Front Squat
*compare 11/1
Strict Pull Ups
3 x 5-8
Weighted Strict Pull Ups
3 x 5-8
Ring Rows
3 x 10-15
Single Arm DB -or- KB Row
3 x 10-12
*Pick One
9:00 AMRAP
15 Double Unders (25) (35)
10 Barbell Lunges 75/55 95/65 115/75
Goal for today is to maintain roughly about 70-75% effort throughout the course of your AMRAP. All reps are relativley low, designed to keep you guys moving from one movement to the next. If you’re able to pick up your pace for the last 1:30 or so, then you know you’ve paced the workout properly! Keep in mind that you want to voluntarily increase your pace towards the end versus involuntarily slowing down because of fatigue!
8:00 Skill Session – Handstand Walks
1) :30 Walk Walk or Kick Up to Hold – or – Taps/Shift Weight
2) :30 Hollow Hold
Skills with Coach
Option 1) Max Free Standing Handstand Hold Practice
Option 2) Obstacle Course Work
Option 3) 3 Attempts Max Distance
18:00 AMRAP
140m Run (200m)
12 Wall Balls (15) (20)
9 KB Swings (12) (15)
6 Hanging Knee Raises -or- Sit Ups (6 Toes to Bar) (10 Toes to Bar)
RxD: 53/35
Adv: 70/44
Beef: 70/53
Get ready to settle in for a long one today everyone. Similar to yesterday’s, you want to be performing around 70-75% effort for a majority of the workout. There are a few movements plugged in that are designed to slow heart rate down, sort of like an “active” recovery station. A good goal for today’s workout would be to try and maintain your reps from round to round while trying to avoid any drastic drop offs! Enjoy this one!
8:00 Skill Session – Muscle Ups
1) 1-5 Strict Pull Ups
2) :30 Plank -or – Ring/Box Support Hold
Drills with Coach
Option 1) Strict Muscle Ups
Option 2) 2:00 Max Reps, 2-3 minutes rest, 2:00 Max Reps
Options 3) 1-5 Reps EMOM or E2MOM
5 Rounds
1:00 Max DB Snatch 45/25 50/35 (Alt 50/35)
1:00 Max Push Ups (Handstand Push Ups) (30′ HS Walk)
1:00 Max Box Jump Overs (Beef: No Step Ups)
1:00 Max Rope Climbs (Short Rope)
1:00 1 70m Sled Push 35/15
FAST finisher today after your squat clean session! Try and manage your heart rate during the row portion because it WILL elevate during the thruster part. Once you get to the thruster part, focus on one or two things to take your mind off of the uncomfortable feeling you’ll probably start to feel here. Usually I just focus on maintaining a good squat position, if I can do that, everything seems to feel a bit easier for me. You might have something different, maybe elbows up? Breath? Chest Up? Whatever the case may be, once you finish the thruster portion, open it up and go for it on those burpees! 🙂
Every 1:00 for 14:00
2 Squat Cleans
Adv: 1 Squat Clean ~80-85%
For Time:
25/20 Cal Row (35) (50)
20 Thrusters 75/55 (30) (40 at 95/65)
20 Burpees (30) (30 Bar Facing)
8:00 Skill Session – Core and Horizontal Pulling (all levels)
1) :30 Plank, Hollow Hold, L-Sit on Rings/Box/Parallettes
2) 8 Single Arm DB Rows/10 Barbell Bent Over Rows/:30 Static Ring Hold
20:00 AMREP
603m Run (800m)
21 Wall Balls
21 KB Swings 53/35 70/44 70/53
403m Run
15 Wall Balls
15 KB Swings
200m Run
9 KB Swings
9 Wall Balls
in remaining time AMREP…
1 35m Run
1 35m Run
1 Power Clean 95/65 115/75 135/95
1 35m Run
1 35m Run
2 Power Cleans
1 35m Run
1 35m Run
3 Power Cleans
*score will be reps during AMREP portion only
7:00 AMRAP
10 Shoulder to Overheads 75/55 95/65 115/75
7 Box Jumps (Beef: No Step Ups)
– rest 3:00 –
7:00 AMRAP
10 Cals Any Machine
7 Burpees
*Adv and Beef: start with part B