WOD Overview- Week of 01/03/2022

Monday, January 3rd

Happy New Year! Today’s work-out features a fan favorite, thrusters. There are also quite a few air squats, 96 for Rx and 144 for Adv. However, there are some good chunks of “cardio” to break up the squats and thrusters. Try to stay conscientious about movement quality in the air squats. It is easy to move through and forget about mechanics. However, 96 squats (plus 45 thrusters) later you may feel the effects of faulty movement mechanics. I could not think of a new sauce so I used “Pozole”. 

1 round of Pozole= 4 sit-up or HKR (Adv T2B)(Beef 8 T2B) followed by 8 Air Squats (Adv 12)(Beef 8 alt. Pistol)







The Booker


15 Thrusters (Rx 75/55)(Adv 95/65)(Beef 115/75)(Bison 135/95)

600 m Run or Row(Adv 800 m)

  • 4rds Pozole”

15 Thrusters

600 m (Adv 800 m)

  • 4rds Pozole

15 Thrusters

600 m (Adv 800 m)

  • 4rds Pozole


Tuesday, January 4th

For today’s strength session I programmed some mobility between sets. The goal is to use rest efficiently and choose an exercise that will help your squat. For example, I might choose a 90/90 shin box because I know my hip mobility is limited and that I perform squats better after mobilizing. I listed some examples below, but feel free to choose whatever may be appropriate for you. If you need some guidance your coach will be happy to give you some options. 

  • Part A

Front or back squat


Choose mobility between sets 3-4 sets X 8-12 reps 

-90/90 shin box 

-supine leg raise 

-inverted hamstring 

-boot strapper 

-tsp rot


  • Part B

8 min AMRAP

8/6 calories (Adv 10)(Beef 12)(Bison 15) 

4 Pull-ups (Adv C2B)(Beef strict Pull-up)(Bison strict C2B) 


Wednesday, January 5th

In today’s WOD there is quite a bit of time before coming back to movements so today is a good day to challenge yourself on weight or movements. The ground to overhead will be the limiter for weight. The purpose of Part B after a two minute rest is to allow enough recovery to push in a shorter time domain. 


Part A

5 rounds

10 Box jump overs

9 Deadlifts (Rx 95/65)(Adv 115/75)(Beef 135/95)

8 Ground to Overhead

70 m Sled push or odd object carry

6 Pull ups (Adv C2B)(Beef 4/2 MU)(Bison 6 MU) 

Rest 2 min

Part B

21/18 cal or 400 m run


Thursday, January 6th

For today’s Olympic lifting session I programmed one clean or snatch deadlift followed by a regular clean or snatch. The purpose of the clean or snatch deadlift is to “lock in” the bar path around 1 inch off the floor, the hang, and high hang/position 1.

Here is a video of the clean deadlift. The demonstration starts at 1:30. Olympic Clean Deadlift – How and Why

In the link below the first image corresponds to lift off, the second image to the hang, and the third image to position 1.


  • Part A

12 Min EMOM

1 Snatch or Clean Deadlift

1 Snatch or Clean

  • Part B

9 Min AMRep



HKR or Sit-Up (Adv. T2B)(Beef/Bison 6-12-18-24-ect.)


Friday, January 7th

In Part A there are some lateral and unilateral movements. Today is a good day to hone in on imbalances. You might notice that you are stronger or have better range of motion on one side. Feel free to adjust weight as necessary. The rope climb can be subbed out with any other skill you may want some dedicated time to practice. In part B choose a weight that you can complete in under 2 minutes, but is still challenging. 

  • Part A

Alt EMOM for 4rds (12 Min)

1 Rope Climb (Adv 2)(Beef 1 legless)(Bison max regular or legless rope climb)

18 Goblet Lateral Lunge (Rx 40/25)(Adv 50/35)(Beef 70/53)(Bison 2 KBs @ 50/35)

18 Dumbbell Strict Press alt. (Rx 35/20)(Adv 40/25)(Beef 50/35)(Bison 60/45)

  • Part B

Every 2 min for 5rds (10 Min)

200 m Run

7 Deadlifts (Rx 135/95)(Adv 185/135)(Beef 225/155)(Bison 255/185)


Saturday, January 8th

Today’s workout is a partner workout alternating every round. I did this workout while dropping into a gym in SoCal. I liked it because alternating every rounds gives you enough time to rest and hit every round at a higher intensity. Rounds should be quick and fairly consistent, no more than 2 minutes a round. 


Partner Workout *alt every round

Who doesn’t love a good partner workout?!

16 Rounds Total (8 each)

10 double unders or 30 single unders (Adv 20)(Beef 30)

4 Pull-Ups (Adv 7)(Beef 4 Chest to Bar)(Bison 7 C2B)

7 Front Squats (Rx 95/65)(Adv 115/75)(Beef 135/95)(Bison 155/105)

4 Push-Ups (Adv 7)(Beef 4 HSPU)(Bison 7 HSPU)


Sunday, January 9th

In part A for the dumbbell deadlifts feel free to touch one head of the dumbbell to the floor to keep tension in the hamstrings. This might vary depending on your hamstring flexibility. The suitcase carry should be performed with one of your dumbbells from the deadlift. It will be important to “brace the core” due to uneven loading. This should be a fun core challenge.

  • Part A

9 min AMRAP

14 Deadlift 2DB (Rx 40/25)(Adv 50/35)(Beef 64/45)(Bison 70/55)

Suitcase Carry 70 m

14 Down up (Adv Burpee)(Beef 20 Burpee) 

Rest 3 min 

  • Part B


14 Lunge 1DB (Rx Goblet)(Adv suitcase)(Beef 1DB OH)

200 m run