Winner Week!

Throwback of Jen M and Maddie!

Congrats to our October rope climb challenge winners!

The open division (<50) winners

Jake/Art: 8 Reps (1:50)

Jess M: 7 Reps (1:52)

Masters 50+ winners

Jen M: 5 (1:59)

Chief Banks (:33)

It was great seeing you all take a crack at the 2 minute challenge, and for the ones that did, how impressive your wrapping technique was! Great work to all! Enjoy some coffee on me! Look out for the next challenge.


Other big winners of the week were ALL of the Shoppers who dressed up for the Halloween workout! Sweat Shoppers never fail to impress! This year, Andrew and Taneya won as a #NO FILTER/#FILTER combo! Other photos of the great costumes will be up soon and on this blog!

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