Weekly WOD Review 5/27/19

Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to all that have served our country especially those who have have been lost. For those doing “Murph” solo for the first time, it’s key to break these reps up to minimize muscle fatigue and keeping intensity. Some ways we’ve done it in the past:
Mile-20 rounds of Cindy (5 Pullups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Air Squats)-Mile
Mile-10 rounds of (10, 20, 30)-Mile
Partner Versions: Alternate 400’s, Alternate 20 rounds of Cindy), Alternate 400’s
If you are just starting out or do not feel comfy with the volume, go with the half version or work with the Marko who will give you some solid alternatives.
Individual or Team Murph
1 Mile Run
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile RunIndi or Team Mini Murph Option
800m Run
50 Pullups
100 Pushups
200 Air Squats
Today, we start another cycle of our skills/accessory EMOM work. Check the sheet of paper by the Good Vibes Gorilla. You all did a great job the last cycle! I really saw some stellar improvements by several of you in static strength and your pushes/pulls, and I was especially pumped to have heard that Jack got a 12-foot handstand walk! Nice work, dude! The beer will only be cracked open if you get 15ft though! Let’s keep the momentum going. The format will be the same, alternating minutes for 6 minutes, with around 20-45 seconds of focused work on each movement.

6 Minute Accessory Skills Alternating EMOM (Marko’s Week 1 of 6)
Pulling/Posture Endurance (:20 – :45 Work)
Midline Control (:20 – :45 Work) –

**ADV+Beef do run on first set, row second set.
**Two separate AMRAP scores.

10 Minute Clock
Buy In: 500m Row (ADV: 750m) (Beef: 1000m)
AMRAP in time remaining:
7 Wall Balls (ADV + BEEF: 9)
7 DB Snatches 45/25, ADV: 50/35 (Beef: 9 @ 50/35) (Beef Barbell: 9 Power Snatch: 75/55)
7 Hanging Knee Raises Situps (ADV: 5 T2B) (Beef: 7 T2B) (Bison: 9 T2B)

-REST 2 Minutes-

B.) Repeat same AMRAP but buy in with:
400m Run, (ADV: 600m) (Beef: 800m)


A.) Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes
2 Clean and Jerks or Snatches

ADV+ Beef: go in reverse
30 Row Cals (ADV: 40) (Beef: 50)
30 Single Unders or 15 DU (ADV: 30 DU) (Beef: 60 DU) (Bison: 100 DU)
30 Power Cleans 95/65, 115/75, 135/95, 155/105

I called this one “Mind Games” as I’ve done one similar to this and remember it being a good mental test. The reps are relatively short and two of the barbell movements are those that which I didn’t like the idea of putting it down. Lastly, I HATE finishing on the run, and our “hill” is always in the back of my mind on each round of this. If the reps are manageable enough for you to go unbroken, remember that you can still move at a chill pace doing so, especially with lunges and STO.

6 Minute Accessory Skills Alternating EMOM (Marko’s Week 1 of 6)
Lower Body Endurance (:20 – :45 Work)
Midline Control (:20 – :45 Work)”Mind Games”
4 Rounds
6 Pullups (ADV: 10 Chin Over or 8 C2B) (Beef: 12 C2B or 8 Bar MU)
8 Shoulder to Overhead 75/55, (ADV: 10 @ 95/65), (Beef: 12@115/75)
10 Barbell Lunges 75/55, (ADV: 12 @ 95/65), (Beef: 14@ 115/75)
12 Box Jump Overs (ADV: 14) (Beef: 16)
403m RunFRIDAY

Front Squat
Ascending Sets

Partner Finisher
Row, Bike, Ski, or Air Runner Calories
Russian KB Swings 53/35, Russian KB Swings 70/44, (Beef: American 70/53)
*I go, you go format
*Person 1 does 21 calories, then person 2 does 21 calories, then 21 KB Swings, then person 2 does 21 burpees ETC, until both folks are done with everything. Cannot move on to next movement unless partner is finished with current work.


Rx’d and ADV:
Buy in: 50 Cal Row (ADV: 60/50 Cash out)
3 Rounds of:
18 Wall Balls (ADV: 20)
15 Hanging Knee Raises or Alternating V-ups  (ADV: 10 T2B)
12 Burpees (ADV: BFB)
9 Hang Power Cleans 95/65, 115/75, (ADV+ 135/95)
1 Rope Climb (ADV: 4 @ Any point)
Cash Out:
600m Run (ADV: 800m Buy in)Beef:
800m Run
10 Bar or Ring Muscle Ups (Bison: 15)
10 Hang Power Cleans 135/95 (Bison: 155/105)
10 Hang Squat Cleans 135/95 (Bison: 155/105)
30 Toes to Bar
40 BFB Burpees
50 Wall Balls
60 Cal Row
Wanted to give an option for all those who like testing benchmarks, to get one in today. I am going to run the class with the CLASS OPTION as priority so if you are bench-marking, be ready to rock and roll at the same time the class starts.
Class Option
AMRAP in 16 Minutes
200m Run or Row
5 Deadlifts 165/115, 185/135, 205/145
7/5e Pushups (ADV: 9/7 or 7/5 HSPU) (Beef: 12/9 Pushups or 9/7 HSPU)
30 Single Unders or 15 Double Unders (ADV: 20 DU) (Beef: 30 DU)
“Bench Mark Sunday”
Optional Bench Mark Option
Must be prepped and ready to go by the time class starts.
1k or 2k Row, 1 Mile or 1.5 Mile Run
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