Weekly WOD insights 6/3/19



Everyone will be doing two reps on the Emom today. I want to make sure everyone is getting enough volume on the olympic lifts. I believe thats the best way to make improvement on them. For the finisher, select a weight you would be confident in going unbroken on for the barbell movement. Keeping it unbroken will allow you to achieve the desired stimulus from the workout.
A.) 12 Min EMOM 
2 Clean and Jerks or Snatches


B.) 4 Rounds 
10 Front Squats 75/55 (adv 95/65) (Beef thrusters @ 95/65) (Bison DB thr 50/35)
8 Burpees (adv 10) (beef 10 Bar facing) (Bison 10 Burpees over DB)


Remember that when we are doing these developmental Emoms, the goal is always movement quality. For the midline control portion try to emphasize control throughout the entire movement. A good example would be performing a strict toes to bar. Instead of letting your legs free fall back to the extended position, try to slowly control them back down. Yes this will be more challenging, but it will allow you get a lot more out of the movement. I would highly encourage you to take this control approach even if it means performing a more simple movement.


A.) 6 Min alt EMOM 
1- Lower Body endurance (:20-:45s of work)
2- Midline Control (:20-:45s of work)


B.) 3 Rounds 
1 Rope Climb (adv 2) (Beef 2 regular + 1 regional or legless)
12 Box Jump overs (adv 15) (beef 18)


-Run 403m-


C.) 3 rounds
12 Russian KB swings 53/35 (adv 15 @ 70/44) (Beef American Swings @ 70+/44+)
9/7 Push ups (adv 15/12) (Beefy 10 Handstand Push ups)


-Run 403m-


D.) 3 Rounds 
15/12 Calorie Row (adv 18) (beefy 21)
10 Hanging knee raises or single leg V-ups (adv 6 T2B) (Beef 10 T2B)


*Adv and Beef start from bottom and work up*


We have been working a lot with squat sets of 5 and under so I figured now might be a good time to start to reintroduce some of the higher volume sets. For the finisher try to use the least amount of band that will allow them to achieve the rep scheme. Remember that you can switch up your grip if you are hitting a wall.  Take note of where you’ll return back to the start and ascend again. This will help keeping you moving the entire time. Each 70m run will count as one rep.


A1.) Back Squat

3x 6 each side


B.) 8 Minute Amrep
2 Strict Pull ups (Beef 1 strict Pull up/ 1 BMU)
140m Shuttle Run
4 Strict Pull ups (Beef 2 Strict Pull up/ 2 BMU)
140m Shuttle Run
6 Strict Pull ups (Beef 3 Strict Pull up/ 3 BMU)
140m Shuttle run
(Rx’d return to start and ascend again)
8 Strict Pull ups (Beef 4 Strict Pull up/ 4 BMU)
140m Shuttle Run
(Advanced and Beef return to start and ascend again)


Rx’d 1 round= 20 reps
Advanced and Beef 1 round= 30 reps


For the kb snatch you are not required to go all the way to the ground. For the farmer carry Beefy and Bison will be performing an uneven carry (yes this is intentional!). Also please take note there will be a planned stretch session at the end of every class. I would highly encourage you to stick around for this as it will be worked into the hour of class. You will benefit a lot from the extra stretching I promise!


A.) 6 Minute Emom
1- Pull/Postural endurance (:20-:45s of work)
2- Midline Control (:20-:45s of work)


B.) 14 Minute Amrap 
12 Dumbbell Snatches 45/25 (adv 14 @ 50/35) (Beef 16 alt @ 50+/35+) (Bison KB snatch 53/35)
10 Wall Balls (adv 15) (Beef 20)
70m Farmer Carry (Rx’d ~45/25) (Adv ~50/35) (Beef + Bison uneven carry ~70/53)
*For the farmer carry match DB weight with a KB*
**Beefy and Bison will perform an uneven carry**
***Bison still does DB and KB farmer carry***


C.) Stretch session 


Deadlifts for strength are submerging once again (You’re welcome Roy). And why stop there, I decided lets go full bro and add some bench press. We will be setting up mirrors around the gym to provide you the opportunity to “check your technique” while you lift. While todays strength session will be one for the bros, please take note of the tempo prescribed for the bench press (3 seconds down, no pause at the bottom, as fast as possible up, 1 second pause at the top). If you absolutely despise bench press, you are more than welcome to perform alternating Z press.

A.) Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes alternate between
1- 4 Deadlifts @70-80% of 1rm
2- 5 Dumbbell Bench press (30X1) or 5 each side alternating DB Z press


B.) For time
403m Run
30 Ground to Overhead 75/55 (adv 95/65) (Beef 115/75 C&J or 95/65 Snatch) (Bison 135/95 C&J or 115/75 Snatch)
Row 25/20 cals (Adv 30) (Beef 35)


*Advanced and Beefy start with Row*


Today will be a good opportunity to do some movements outside the normal Crossfit spectrum. The ever popular wall course will be making a return for the day. The prescribed barbell weight will be slightly heavier than normal today. Definitely be sure you have something to write this one down on, theres a lot going on!


Deadlift  115/75 (adv 135/95) (Beefy 155/105)
Wall Ball


-Run 403m- (Adv + Beef 603m)


Power Clean 115/75 (Adv 135/95) (Beefy 155/105)
Wall Ball


-Run 200m- (Adv + Beef 403m) (Bison 403m MB carry)


Squat Clean 115/75 (adv 135/95) (Beefy 155/105)
Wall Ball


@ some point perform
Rx’d- 5 reps on wall course
Advanced- 7 reps on wall course
Beef- 9 reps on wall course
Bison- 9 reps on wall course w/ Med ball


The intention for today is to push the DB and burpee movements, and find a more conservative pace on the cardio machines. This is a good opportunity to practice pacing certain movements so you can push the pace of others. If you want to change up your cardio implement at the halfway point, feel free to do so!


10 Minute alternating Emom 
1- Max single arm DB hang clean and jerk 40/20  45/25  50+/30+
2- Cals on any machine @ 75% effort


-Rest 2 minutes-


10 Minute alternating Emom
1- Max Burpees (Beefy lateral Burpees over DB)
2- Cals on any machine @ 75% effort


*score will be DB hang clean and jerk reps + burpee reps*
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