Weekly WOD Review 10/11/19

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These guys putting their fitness to use!

Thanks to all the Veteran’s around the country especially our sweaty shoppers! I know a HERO WOD might be appropriate here, but given that I’m excited at ALL of the workouts this week (not that you need to do them all ;), this one should foot the bill and keep you fresh to start your week. We’ve done one almost identical to this last year, and am looking for the same effect. I’d like at least 8 minutes or so for the gymnastics AMRAP. For those needing scaling guides for push-ups, I always advise to either scale down the number of reps the entire time, OR, if you get to a point where you are doing slow/sketchy singles and want to keep intensity and maintain the cardiovascular effect of the workout, then band up at that point. It’s important to continue to do unassisted push-ups regularly if you have them, but if a workout gets you to a failure point where you can’t do them, it’ll defeat the purpose

Happy Veterans Day!
AMRAP in 20 Minutes
5 Rounds
200 Meter Run, Row, 10 Cal Bike or Ski or Air Runner
10 DB Snatches 45/25, (ADV: 12 Alternating @50/35), (Beef: 5 Power Snatch 115/75) (Bison: 5 Power Snatch 135/95)

AMRAP in time remaining:
3 Pull-ups (ADV: 5) (Beef: C2B)
6 Pushups (ADV: 10/8) (Beef: 10)
9 Air Squats (ADV+Beef: 15)


Chris demoing his L-Sit with ease.

Go with the classic front squats today or work on your overhead squat. As you all will front squat more than you overhead squat, today is a nice opportunity to hone in your overhead squat if you have been looking to improve your snatches. What I want out of part A2 is a simple, yet, effective holding accessory and some sort of a benchmark you could retest easily. While heavy squats, bench press, and olympic lifts may be sexier, your ability to hold a challenging static position might help dictate how long you are able to continue to perform the aforementioned lifts.

For B, I don’t want focus on the whiteboard time, just push hard, and enter them in your notes. The efforts of sled or calories should be hard and the STO should be unbroken. The rest should be roughly 45-90 seconds. Grab your squad or buddy and push each other on these today!

Front Squat or Overhead Squat

A2.) At some point during A:
Accumulate 2 minutes of Plank Hold or L-Sit Holds
-Plank Hold ADV: Weighted
-L-Sit Hold Scaling: Rings, High Boxes, Parallettes on Low Boxes etc.

5 Rounds
70m Sled Sprint (Green/15#) (ADV: Green+15/Green) or 10/8 Calories on Any Machine (ADV: 12/10)
10 Shoulder To Overhead 95/65, (ADV: 115/75) (Beef: 10 HSPU or 8 Strict HSPU)
*Rest 45-90 seconds after each set


How will you “construct” your WOD fate today?

Come with your brain and strategory (thanks Bush) today! My inspiration for this WOD was the final Open workout. Although I have not done it, it seems like folks liked having the option to chose their fate and come up with their own strategy. The only crappy part about the Open WOD is that most folks do not have muscle ups and some folks felt left out. Everyone can do movements in this workout, so have at it.

A) Skill Session
6:00 Alt EMOM
1) Scaps
2) Midline
-OR- Bar Muscle Up Drills for 6 minutes

Partition the middle work as desired.
Buy In: 800m Row

50 Wall Balls (ADV: 70) (Beef: 80)
40 Russian KB Swings 53/35, (ADV: 50: 70/44) (Beef: 50 American 70/53)
50 Situps or Hanging Knee Raises (ADV: 30 T2B) (Beef: 50 T2B)
40 Box Jump Overs (ADV+Beef: 50)

Cash Out: 800m Run


Coach DJ was not happy seeing Kea’s Farmer Carry sway. Be better than this on Part B!

Same format as Marko’s OLY session last week. The doubles early and singles later gives you option to either go a little heavier on singles, OR, more importantly, hitting the same weight you build up to on your doubles and dial them in with less stress/fatigue.

EMOM for 12 minutes
2 Clean and Jerks
1 Clean and Jerk

**ADV+Beef Flip B1 nad B2
4 Minutes Clock
500m Row
Max Power Cleans 75/55, 95/65 115/75, 135/95

2 Minute Rest

4 Minute Clock
140m Farmer Carry (Equiv: 45/25 ADV: 50/35) (Beef: 70/53 or 60ft Handstand Walk)
Max Reps Barbell Lunges 75/55, 95/65 115/75, 135/95


ClaSSSIC CroSSSfit Workout. Thanks Rikki for finding the Gem!

Weight should be unbroken on deadlifts, or one safe/tactful break. Scaling DU folks should be to take no longer than 30-45 seconds. Note the minute rest, no redlining but start that run (or machine) with a little kick in your step each round!

5 Rounds

403m Run or Row or 20/15 Cal Bike (ADV Bike: 25/18)
7 Deadlifts 165/115, 185/135, 225/155, 315/205
7 Burpees (ADV: BFB) (Beef/Bison: SEE BELOW)
15 Double Unders or 30 Singles (ADV: 30 DU) (Beef: 50 DU)
1 Minutes Rest

Beef/Bison: During the “burpee portion”
Round 1: 10 BFB
Round 2: 4/2 Muscle Ups (Bison: 6/4 Muscle Ups)
Round 3: 30ft HS Walk (Bison: 50ft)
Round 4: 4/2 Muscle Ups (Bison: 6/4 Muscle Ups)
Round 5: 10 BFB


Kea is opting in Bike Cals for the partner workout. Who’s ready to smash?

A) Skill Session
6:00 Alt EMOM
1) Scaps
2) Midline

Partner Version: One person working at a time on AMRAP, but CAN work while person is on machine.
Solo Version: SOLO!

AMRAP in 18 Minutes
5 Hang Squat Cleans 95/65, 115/75, (Beef: 7 @135/95)
7 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65, 115/75, 135/95
5 Pullups (ADV: C2B) (Beef: 7 C2B)

@ Minute 9:00, Complete 60 Calorie Row or Bike (Both athletes must do half the work), partner can do work on AMRAP while one is on machine.


800 Meter Run
21 Situps or Hanging Knee Raises (ADV: 15 T2B) (Beef: 21 T2B)
21 Wall Balls
1 Rope Climb (ADV: Legless) (Beef: 1 Reg + 1 Regional or Legless)

400m Run (ADV: 600m)
15 Situps or Hanging Knee Raises (ADV: 12 T2B) (Beef: 18 T2B)
15 Wall Balls (ADV: 18)
1 Rope Climb (ADV: Legless) (Beef: 1 Reg + 1 Regional or Legless)

200m (ADV: 400m)
12 Situps or Hanging Knee Raises (ADV: 9 T2B) (Beef: 15 T2B)
12 Wall Balls (ADV: 15)
1 Rope Climb (ADV: Legless) (Beef: 1 Reg + 1 Regional or Legless)

70m (ADV: 200m)
9 Situps or Hanging Knee Raises (ADV: 6 T2B) (Beef: 12 T2B)
9 Wall Balls (ADV: 12)
1 Rope Climb (ADV: Legless) (Beef: 1 Reg + 1 Regional or Legless)

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