Weekly WOD Insights 8/9/21 : The Ben n Jerrys Edition



If you’re going with the RX’d/ Adv version today, then you will be starting with the double unders to allow you to hit those when you are relatively fresh. Getting those out of the way first will allow you to step on the gas for the second couplet and push the intensity. If you’re doing the Beef/Bison version I would highly advise warming up your dubs a good amount before the workout, unless you are an absolute double under ninja!



Everything But The….



A.)  6 Rounds 
200m Run
10 Double unders (25)




B.) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Front Squat 75/55 (95/65)
Hanging Knee raises (4 toes to bar)


Beef/Bison Version 


A.) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Front Squat 115/75 (135/95)
Toes to bar




800m Run
100 Double unders
400m Run
80 Double unders
200m Run
60 Double unders



Todays olympic lifting workout is building from last weeks clean pull. We are adding another element in with the high pull. Performing the high pull will still allow you to practice the first pull and contact point, but we are now working on keeping the barbell nice and close to the body after contact. The high pull is also a good opportunity for a reminder that you don’t want to bend the elbows until after you make contact with your thighs. The finisher should be a high intensity, quick hitter. Choose a weight/ machine combo that will allow you to push the pace the entire time!


A.) 12 Minute Emom
1 Clean High Pull + 2 Cleans


Advanced option
1 Clean High Pull + 1 Clean


B.) Chunky Monkey

15/12 Calorie row (20) (Beef 20/16 Cal Bike)
10 ground to overhead 95/65 (115/75) (135/95) (Bison snatch 135/95)
10 Burpees (15) (Beef Bar facing)
10 ground to overhead 95/65 (115/75) (135/95) (Bison snatch 135/95)
15/12 Calorie row (20) (Beef 20/16 Cal Bike)


TBT to when I embodied the Chunky Monkey Lifestyle


On the dumbbell push press it will be 6 reps each arm. Its a movement we don’d do often so I scaled the weights back ever so slightly. If you feel confident in your push press ability, don’t be afraid to go above your usual level. With the amrap portion being shorter and there being a decent amount of rest, don’t be afraid to push the pace more than you usually would. For the odd object/skill practice you can opt to learn something new or continue to refine a movement or skill you have been working on.


Cherry Garcia 

3 sets
5 Minute amrap 
12 Single arm dumbbell push press 40/20 (14 @ 45/25) (16 @ 50/35)
12 Single Dumbbell lunge (14) (16 front rack one DB)
12/9 Calories any machine (15/12) (18/15)


-1min rest-


1 minute max odd object/skill


-1minute rest-


*Pick up amrap where you left off* 



Odd object/ skill options 
-Max Dball/Sandbag over shoulder/ carry/ squats
-Max Double unders
-Max rope Climb
-Tire flips
-Farmers Carry
-Max sit ups/tuck ups/ V ups
-Max KB snatch
-Max muscle ups


Same tempo as last week but ideally building from last week’s 5’s. I would encourage you to have someone else count out loud for you at least in your warm up sets just so you can get a feel for how long the descend should be taking. For the finisher, optimal intensity would be achieved by performing the sled pushes. Keep in mind there are a lot of hip based movements for this week so if you plan on going 3-4 days in a row this week you might want to consider performing a carry instead of a sled push.


A.) Back squat/ Front squat/ Overhead Squat/ Deadlift 
*4 second descend on every rep*


B.) Half Baked 

3 rounds 
15 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44)
12 Box Jumps (15)
70m Sled push or D ball/Sandbag carry/ Farmer Carry


Mint Chocolate cookie
25 Russian KB swings 70/53 (Bison am swings)
25 Box jumps
20 RKBs
20 Box Jumps
70m Sled push or D ball/Sandbag carry/ Farmer Carry
15 RKBs
15 Box Jumps
70m Sled push or D ball/Sandbag carry/ Farmer Carry



JB had an idea for this WOD so I have to give all credit to him. People seem to be enjoying the barbell cycling workouts and I think this one will still be fairly accessible to most levels. If you really have trouble with any of these barbell movements, go ahead and let your coach know and we will modify the workout so you can get the appropriate stimulus. Note for Bison you are increasing the weight by 10 pounds total each round.


JB’s Baskin Robbins 2 Scoop Chocolate Chip sundae

(with strawberries)

((with no nuts))


22 Minute Amrap 
200m Run or 250/200m row
2 rounds 
5 deadlifts 75/55 95/65 115/75
4 power Cleans
3 Shoulder to overhead


The mastermind himself


Americone Dream

Bison Version
22 Minute amrap 
200m Run or 250m row
2 sets
5 Deadlifts 135/95
3 power cleans
1 Shoulder to overhead


-Organic Bison-
15-30 foot handstand walk after each round


*Increase weight by 10 pounds every time you finish a round*


We got some longer form buy ins for today with some moderate length cash outs. Instead of dispersing the cardio amongst rounds like I usually do, I am having you all perform it in big chunks. This will undoubtedly slow the pace down, but its beneficial to change up the style in which you perform you cardio. If you want to mix and match you buy in and cash outs by all means do so if equipment permits it!



Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz!

Buy in (choose one) 
2000/1750 row
80/64 Calorie Bike
1 mile run




5 rounds 
14 Dumbell snatches 45/25 (50/35) (18 alt 50/35)
10 Box Jump overs (12) (15)




Cash out (Choose one) 
1k Row
40/32 Cal bike
800m Run


The title says it all. Cinnamon Buns is the best Ben n Jerry’s flavor, hands down.


Cinnamon Buns 


3 rounds
7 minute clock 
Buy in calories on machine
-Amrap In time remaining- 
8 Barbell Lunge 95/65 (115/75) (135/95 or 50/35 DB)
8 Down ups (Burpees) (BFB)
4 Pull ups (8 Pull ups or 4 C2B) (8 C2B or 3/1 BMU) (6 BMU)


-Rest :90s between rounds-


Cinnamon Buns® Pint

If anyone knows where to find this please let me know. It is near impossible to find in stores.


Calorie buy in amounts
Round 1- 24/21  (Adv 33/30) (Beef Buy in 33/30 each time)
Round 2- 21/18 (30/27)
Round 3- 18/15 (27/24)


Assault Bike 
Round 1- 18/14 (24/20) (Beef buy in 24/20 each time)
Round 2- 15/11 (21/17)
Round 3- 12/8  (18/14)
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