Weekly WOD puns 8/2/21


I wod you all to be able to work on your contact point in cleans or snatches. You might be asking yourself, wod is the point of clean pull? The idea behind the clean pull is you can focus on making solid contact with the right area with the barbell, without having to worry about the high pull and turn over. Click on the highlighted link to have an idea of wod you have in store for you. For the finisher you are working with larger sets of kettlebell swings. I really like big sets on the KB swings because it can be as much of a mental test as much as a physical test. If you fancy yourself a solid Kettlebeller, then try upping the weight! KB swings are definitely something where you can be a little more aggressive on the loading and not have it cost you in the wod. If anything you can go more conservative on your run pace and use it to recover a bit.


A.) 12 Minute EMOM 
Clan pull + 2 Cleans


Adv option
Clean pull + 1 Clean


B.) For time
200m Run or row
30 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44) (Beef 25 am swings 53/35)
10 Down ups (advanced Burpees)
200m Run or row
20 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44) (Beef 25 am swings 53/35)
10 Down ups
200m Run or row
10 Russian Kb swings (Beef 25 am swings)
10 Down ups


Today we have some high skill movements paired with some barbell cycling earlier on in the amrap, and then you finish with more simple movements for optimal intensity. Today might be a great day to mix and match a few things. You can take your pick as to wod you might want to push yourself on, I wod suggest picking a strength and trying to do the next level up on that movement. As always feel free to ask a coach for some guidance! Thats why we are here!


5 rounds 
6 pull ups (adv C2B) (Beef 3/1 BMU) (Bison amrep to 90%)
9 Power Cleans 95/65 (115/75) (135/95) ( 2 rounds-135/95, 2 rounds- 165/115, 1 round- 185/135)
12 Box Jump overs (adv 15 reps)
12 Wall balls (adv 15) (Beef 18 Wall balls)
– 1 min rest between rounds –


For my four weeks of programming we will work some tempo squats and some paused squats. I wod to expose you all on how you can tweak certain parameters of you movement to create a different stimulus. In the case of tempo we are increasing the time under tension which usually requires more work to be done i.e. these things are freaking hard! Expect yourself to be squatting less weight than usual on account of the tempo. For the finisher there is no designated rest time…..but you’re always welcome to take a rest! But in all seriousness you will wod too move quickly when transitioning to maximize your time on the calories.



A.) Back Squat/Front Squat/ Overhead squat 
*4 second descend on every rep*


B.) 3 rounds 
3 minute clock
70m Farmers Carry 45/25  50/35  (Beef 100m Farmer carr 70/50) or D ball/ Sandbag Carry (Beef 100m D ball or Sandbag)
-In time remaining max cals any machine-
**Score is total calories**




6 rounds 
10 Hanging Knee raises (4 toes to bar) (Beef 8 T2B)
9/6 Push ups ( 12/9 regular or ring push ups) (Beef 9/6 HSPU or ring dips)
200m Run or row, or Ab 12/9 cals
15 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (50/35) (Beef alt 50/35) or Kettlbell snatch (choose weight)
200m Run or row, or Ab 12/9 cals


For today you can opt for the longer cardio if you would rather have a little less time to hit the amrap. Never a bad thing, it just means you will be filling your time wod the cardio stuff instead of the classic CrossFit met con stuff. For the assault bike calories be sure you choose the optimal amount for you, if you can knock out 25 calories in under 2 minutes, go ahead and bump that amount up to 3 minutes! Choose wod will challenge you that way you get wod you need out of the workout! (Im talking to you Art!)


3 rounds
6 minute clock 
Run 403m, Row 500/400, Bike 20/16 cals (Advanced Run 603, Row 750/650, Assault Bike 25/20)
-In time remaining Amrap-
6 Ground to overhead 95/65 115/75 135/95 (Bison snatch 135/95)
8 Box jumps (10) (12)
-Rest :90s between rounds-



In honor of coach Breezy being back I wanted to bring back JB’s creation of Bri’s workout. There were dumbbell snatches on Thursday so if you wod to sub out for KB swings or something else, then please do so! It might be the right time to try your hand at some barbell snatches, in honor of Bri 😉 ! As always feel free to mix and match wodever levels you want to make your own combo platter. If you are unsure which things to progress, ask a coach for some advice! If you were here when we last did this workout, be sure to check back and see wod your time was to have something to shoot for!


Compare 5/1/21


“Darlene’s Dungeon”
5 Rounds 
400m Run or Row or 20/15 Cal Bike (ADV Row: 500m) (ADV Bike: 25/20)
12 DB Snatches 45/25, 50/35, 70/45 (Power Snatch Option: 8 @ 75/55, 8 @ 95/65, 8@ 115/75)
10 Goblet Lunges 45/25, 50/35, 70/45 (Barbell Lunge: 8 @ 75/55, 95/65, 115/75)
5 Pullups (ADV: 8 or 5 C2B) (Beef: 10 C2B or 4/2 Muscle Up)


5 Rounds 
400m Run or 500m Row or 25/20 Cal Bike
7 Squat Snatch 115-135/75-95
7 Bar or 5 Ring Muscle Ups


Congrats to Bri for competing last week in the 2021 CrossFit Games!


With the rests worked into place between the two main portions, the goal is to push each portion a bit more than you usually do. Without the rest you would wod to go conservative on one or the other but today the goal is to push the tempo for both things. Keep track of two scores, on score for the amrap and one for the machine cals.


3 rounds
3 Minute amrap 
14 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44) (Am swings 70/53)
7 Burpees
-1minute rest-
3 Minute amrep 
Max Calories any machine or max distance run
-1 minute rest-


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