Weekly WOD Insights 8/16/21


The main idea for this workout was the classic CrossFit workout “Diane,” which is a 21-15-9 of Deadlifts and Handstand push ups. While that workout can be fun, if you’re not an absolute handstand push up ninja it can be an extremely tough workout. When I do that workout I feel like I am just shaking my arms out half the time cause I struggle with handstand push ups 😂 . I am hoping this workout can provide a similar push/ pull stimulus and keep that heart rate up the entire time. The deadlifts should be extremely light today, so select a weight you always feel comfortable going unbroken on.


4 sets 


10 Double unders (20) (40)
Calories on machine
3 rounds
7 Deadlifts 115/75 (135/95) (185/125) (205/135) (Organic Bison)
6/4 Push ups (9/6 Regular or ring push up) (5/3 HSPU) (4/2 Strict HSPU or RIng dip)
10 Double unders (20) (40)
Calories on machine


-Rest 1 Minute in between each set-


Calories on machine 
Row or Ski 18/12 (24/16) (Beef Bike 18/12)  (22/16)


Organic Bison Deadlift weight
1- 8 reps @ 205/135
2- 8 reps @ 225/155
3- 4 reps @ 255/175
4- 4 reps @ 275/ 205


Todays workout should be on the longer side. The total workload today is on the higher end, so when selecting your weights for todays workout keep that in mind. If you feel confident in your cardio ability, don’t be afraid to attack the Beefy level cardio’s, even if you know you aren’t planning on doing the beefy level squats or gymnastics. Also if you don’t know, know you know. Bitchin sauce is the greatest sauce at Costco hands down.


-800m run or 1k/800m row or 2k/1600m bike-


3 rounds of bitchin sauce


-603m Run–750/600m row–1250/1000m bike Calbike (Beef 800m run– 1k/800m row– 2k/1600m bike)-


3 rounds of bitchin sauce


-200m run– 250m row– 500/400 bike (403m run– 500/400m row– 1000/800m bike)-


3 rounds of bitchin sauce


Pick this stuff up next time you make a trip to Costco. You will not regret it!


Bitchin Sauce 
5 Box Jumps (Adv 7) (9)
7 Goblet squats 53/35 (7 Front squats @ 75/65) ( 95/65)
7 Hanging Knee raises (4 Toes to bar) (9)


Todays squat format is the same as two weeks ago. The goal for today would be to add just a few pounds to the previous performance or if last times felt like a really good challenge, then go ahead and just do the same weights and aim to make them feel smoother. For the finisher today, you will want to select a combo that allows you to move fairly quick through both movements. It should be a short, high intensity finisher. ALL GAS NO BRAKES BABY.


A.) Back squat/Front Squat/ Overhead Squat

This is the result of an ALL GAS NO BRAKES approach



*4 second descend on each rep*
**Compare 8/4/21**


B.) 4 rounds 
15 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (alt 50/35) (Alt 55+/40+)
10 Down ups (Burpee) (Lateral Burpee over DB)


Today is all about attacking the areas of out fitness that don’t get enough love. Todays workout will have you working on your aerobic fitness as well as some foundational push, pull, and core work. The goal of today is to keep the intensity on the lower side. You should be able to have short conversation the entire workout if you wanted to. The main reason for keeping the intensity on the lower side is to work the aerobic system which will improve your body’s ability to circulate oxygen throughout your system. Aka it will make you more fit!


25 Minute Vanity Amrap 
Run 403 or Row 500/400 or Bike 1k/800m
6-12 Pull ups or ring rows (Adv strict pull ups)
6-12 Push ups or dumbbell bench press
10 Sit ups, tuck ups, V ups (Strict Hanging knee raises) (Strict hanging leg raise)


This is a great visual to illustrate my point. You can see how strength and aerobic capacity are lumped into the same category of importance. This is more the style of the workout you are all doing today. The layer above contains power and anaerobic capacity (think olympic lifts and short met cons). While power movements and shorter met cons have their place, we should recognize that we need to allocate more effort towards developing our aerobic capacity and foundational strength movements.


If you opt for the advanced complex for today, the goal is to perform the entire complex without dropping the barbell.


A.) Every :90s For 15 minutes 
2 Clean and Jerks or Snatches


Advanced Complex option 
Every :90s for 15 min perform complex 
1 Clean from the knee + 1 Clean from the floor + 2 Jerks


1 Snatch from the knee + 1 Snatch from the floor + 2 Overhead squats


B.) 3 rounds 
15/12 Calorie row (18/15) (Bike 15/10 Cals) (Bike 18/12)
20 Russian Kettlebell swings 53/35 (70/44) (25 reps 70/53) (25 am swings)
15/12 Calorie row (18/15) (Bike 15/10 Cals) (Bike 18/12)
-Rest :30s between rounds-





3 rounds 
10 Power Cleans 95/65 115/75 135/95
15 Double unders (30) (60)


-800m run-


3 rounds 
10 Front squats 95/65 115/75 (135/95)
7 Pull ups (C2B) (4/2 BMU) (7)


-500/400m row or 1k/800m assault bike (Beef 750m row or 1500/1200m assault bike)-


3 rounds 
9 Burpee Box Jump over (12) (15)
12 Deadlifts (15) (18)


-403m run-


*Beef Goes in reverse order*




A.) 10 minutes 
Bench Press, Push Press, or Push Jerk
Build to 2 rep max


B.) 15 Minute AMRAP
3-6-9-12-15 (After 15, go back to 3’s)
STO 75/55, 95/65, 115/75 or HSPU or Dips
Lunges 75/55, 95/65,115/75
Calories any machine


*Compare 8/1/21*
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