Weekly WOD insights 6/22/20

This is the last full week of the gym being shut down so I just wanted to say a few words before I get into the post. I am really excited to see you guys again! Its been a long couple of months and while seeing some of you on zoom has been great, I really miss seeing everyone from the gym and getting to interact with you guys! If being stuck in my apartment has taught me anything, its that I really do enjoy getting to see all you sweat shoppers on a daily basis. I know this wasn’t the year a lot of us had envisioned but I think theres still a lot of room to make the most of the year, and we can all start by getting back into the gym and gettin after it! Im excited to get back to a little bit of normalcy, I’ll see you guys soon 👊


You get to choose how you want to mix in your cardio today. You can opt for shorter bursts to break up the longer workout (probably what I would opt for) you can knock out the cardio in bigger chunks, or in one fell swoop! The double unders will be staying constant throughout part A, and if you don’t have a rope for part A then you can opt for some split jacks to sub in for some cardio. There is also a strength option for today if you would like to get some squatting in!


A) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Dumbbell Snatch 45/25 (50/35) (alt 50+/35+)
10 Double unders (20) (40) or 30 split jacks 



B.) 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
Single arm dumbbell hang clean and jerk 45/25 (50/35) (alt 50+/35+)


*Accumulate 1200m of running or 1500/1200m rowing during the workout*


Strength Option 
Back Squat 
3-3-3-3 (21X1)


*Tempo reads 2 second descend, 1 second pause at the bottom, explode up, 1 second pause at the top*

Trying to sustain loading from last week’s rep scheme. There’s an added pause to the bottom so there may be a slight decrease depending on peoples pausing strength. 


There are double unders yesterday so if you did do them you may want to opt for some toe taps or for some lateral hops over the dumbbell. The side star plank will be limited by your hip stability. It’s not necessarily a very challenging movement in terms of midline stability. But it’s extremely challenging in terms of hip stability. Remember that 10 seconds is not enough time to really get any recovery, its more of a time for transition.


A.) Tabata (8 rounds, :20s work/:10s rest) 
DB Lunge (2 or single DB) 45/25 (50/35) or Barbell Lunges 95/65 (115/75)
Russian Twist (Bodyweight or lighter DB weight if used)


-2 minute rest-


B.) Tabata (8 rounds, :20s work/:10s rest) 
Dumbbell Toe taps/Lateral hops over DB/ Double unders


You can opt for the single or double DB thruster for today. If you do opt for the single DB thruster, aim to push yourself a bit more on the runs since you won’t be moving as much weight. The lateral down up is executed the exact same as the lateral burpee. Do your down up, jump laterally over the DB, repeat till done. If you choose to do todays strength work, and you did last weeks strength work, be sure to try and increase your weight a bit more from last weeks loading.


5 rounds 
200m Run
14 Single arm Dumbbell thrusters 45/25 (50/35) or 10 2 DB thruster or Barbell thruster 95/65
200m Run
15 Lateral Down ups over DB (Lateral Burpees over DB)


Strength Option 
A) 10 Minute EMOM 
2 Cleans/Clan and jerks/ Snatches


B.) 5 Minute EMOM 
1 Clean/Clean and jerk/ Snatch


Building from last week’s loading. The goal for the singles is to move a challenging weight that is still technically proficient




Today is all about hitting each piece at a high intensity. You’ll be getting a good amount of rest in between cycles so aim to be aggressive on todays pacing. You will be picking up where you left off on each amrap so you can just keep one running total. For the midline movement, if you opt for the tuck up or v-up and the movement becomes a little too challenging, go ahead and switch to single leg v-ups or sit-ups.


5 Cycles
3 Minute clock 
12 Dumbbell Power Cleans (single or double) 45/25 (50/35) or Barbell power cleans 95/65 (115/75)

14 Single leg V-ups (10 Tuck ups) (10 V-ups)

20 Lateral hops over the DB or Barbell or 10 Box jump overs
-1 minute rest between cycles-


*Pick up where you left off on each cycle*



That hip circuit will leave your hips feeling 💸 💵💰. It will have you work on the rotational capacity of your hip internally and externally, the first being very often neglected by most folks. I have linked videos to all the movements so even if you are at home, give it a try! And if you really enjoy, save it and use it for any lower body workout you have. For the lunges today, I would like you to keep the dumbbell in one hand as you go through your lunges. This isn’t optimal for speed but it will challenge your midline more than usual and hey, summers here!

A.) Hip Circuit 
2-3 rounds
6 ea direction Standing Hip axial 
5 ea direction shinbox to extend
4 ea direction cossack squats 

Make sure to grab a friend and make time for mobility! If they’re slacking, call them out! (even if they got a Kanye personality)


B.) 15 Minute Amrap 
14 Suitcase Lunges 45/25 (50/35) (55+/40+)
30 Mountain Climbers


Strength option 


A.) Push press 


A2.) Bent over Barbell row


B1.) Push Jerk 


B2.) Hollow hold (weighted hollow hold) 
3x :30s-1min


Building from last week 


Ideally I want you to be getting 1:30-2mins of rest or more! The goal for having this repeated format is to give you a decent amount of rest so you can hit each round hard. I put the cardio piece at the end to push everybody so you can end on a fast note 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️


Every 5 minutes for 20 Minutes 
8 ea side Single arm DB rows or 10 Barbell Rows
14/10 Push ups (20/15) (Beef HSPU 8/5)
14 Goblet Squats 45+/25+or Front Squats 75+/55+
400m Run or 500m/400m row




6 Rounds 
10 Single or Double arm Devils press
12 Tuck ups (V-ups)
15 Air Squats (Jumping air squats)


*Accumulate 400m of farmers carry or odd object carry*


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