Weekly WOD Insight 5/21/18


We’ll start off with our weekly olympic EMOM where our focus is on dialing in the technique of the Clean & Jerk, or if you choose, the Snatch.  If you’re still relatively new to either of these lifts, definitely stick with the two reps on the minute.  For those with a year or more experience, you can go with one rep on the minute, but do your best to warmup to 85-90% and stay at that weight for the duration of the EMOM.  And if you’re not already, try the hook grip for you olympic lifts! 

With such a high degree of variance in ability levels when it comes to gymnastics, part B. has many options to choose from.  If you don’t have unassisted pullups don’t stress out, grab a band that will allow you to get 3-4 reps at a time.  Even if the gymnastics portion of this workout takes up to 2 minutes, you’ll still have a couple of minutes on the barbell.  For those that are able to do Chest to Bar Pullups as well as Ring or Bar Muscle ups, you too will have options to choose from.  If it’s been a while since you’ve done a large set of pullups, don’t overlook the option of 30 C2B as being too easy!

A.  12 min. EMOM 2 C&J or 2 Snatch
ADV. 1 C&J or Snatch across @ approx. 85-90% 1RM

9 min. clock
403m Run
15 Pullups or 8 C2B (ADV. 12 C2B or 5men/3women Ring or BarMU) (BEEF 30 C2B or 10men/8women Ring or 15men/12women Bar MU)
Max Rep GTO 95/65 (ADV. 115/75) (BEEF 135/95)
finish w/ 403m Run before time expires

—— ———–


We did this same sled push workout at the beginning of April.  Select a weight that you feel comfortable running with the entire time… lighter is better here.  And if you’re going with the Rx’d weight, but want to get a bit more volume in and do a total of (8) sled pushes, that’s fine!  Down and back should take about 30 seconds so 3 people on the same sled can definitely get all of their runs resting no more than 90 seconds between reps!  If there are more than 3 people on a sled, no worries, this one isn’t getting logged on the whiteboard, just get those runs in as fast as you can and transition between people nice and quick.

A.) Back Squat
*ascending weight, score sum of 4 heaviest set

B.) (6) 70m Sled Pushes 35/15
ADV. (7) 45/20
BEEF (8) 55/30
rest approx. 1:30 after each sled push

——- ——–


Several of you have asked for longer runs after doing having the 1.5 mile option last month, lots of you commented on how much you liked it, as well as the 1.5 mile course along the Contra Costa Canal Trail, down by Larkey Park, and then back to CrossFit Sweat Shop.  I’ve done it a few times and I definitely like not having to finish with the hill course that goes up to North Main St.  As always, everyone has the option to bike, row or ski for the workout if they’d rather.  Part B will start right at the 18:00 minute mark, so just make sure whichever version you choose for part A. you’re done by the 12 minute mark so you have at least 5 minutes to recover before starting part B.

For part B., the Hang Power Clean weight should be LIGHT!  Here’s another perfect opportunity to practice the hook grip if you aren’t already using it.  Even though its only a 9 minute workout, if you aren’t a pushup ninja, break the pushups before you are forced to!  Trying out a new movement for Advanced and Beefy,… lateral jumping air squats over the bar.  If you don’t feel comfortable/confident with this one, don’t do it.  If you do choose to do it, do a better job than I did with getting full depth on each of the squats! 🙂

A.) 1 mile run (ADV. 1.5 mile run)
alternatives 2K Row, or Ski
5K men/ 4K women Bike
compare 4/4/18

B.) begins at 18:00

9 min. AMReP
3 Hang Power Clean 75/55 (ADV. 95/65) (BEEF 115/75)
3 Air Squat (ADV. & BEEF Lateral Jumping Air Squat Over Barbell)
3 Pushups


9… etc.

—— ——–


This one is very similar to one we did just a few weeks back.  The only difference it has shoulder to overhead and box jumps, rather than KB Swings and Burpees.  Once again your “cardio device” and the reps (make sure you choose a version that when you are fresh, you can complete in 40 seconds or less)on it will be the same for the entire 20 minutes.   However, you can determine the intensity by how hard you go on the shoulder to overhead and the box jumps.  An important thing to keep in mind here is to keep the barbell light to keep the intensity high. 

A.) Alt. EMOM 10 min.
Even min:  Row (Rx’d 10/8) (ADV. 12/10) —or  Bike/Ski (Rx’d 8/6) (ADV. 9/7)
Odd min:  Max Rep Shoulder to Overhead 75/55 (ADV. 95/65) (BEEF 115/75)

B.)Alt. EMOM 10 min.
Even min:  Row (Rx’d 10/8) (ADV. 12/10) —or  Bike/Ski (Rx’d 8/6) (ADV. 9/7)
Odd min:  Max Rep Box Jump

*no rest between A and B
*score is total number of STO and Box Jumps combined
*ADV and BEEF start w/ part B.

———- ———


For the skill work, for those not working on Muscle Up,  MU transition, HSPU or HS Walk, I’d recommend working on Double Unders, Toes to Bar, Rope Climb, Pistols, etc., rather than strict pullups/pushups since both are in the WOD.  The lunges here should be something that you can do unbroken.  The Rx’d version is done holding the KB in front (just under the chin with both hands will probably be the most comfortable way for most people).  If this is too easy for you, feel free to step up to ADV. as gymnastics movements and reps are the same, it’s only the lunges are done with a barbell instead.  At minute 10 you’ll perform 140m (70m down and back twice) on the farmer carry holding just your one kettlebell at your side.  Take your time and make sure you aren’t leaning over the side here.  For many people (myself included) one dumbbell is often more difficult because the load is imbalanced.

A.) 8 minute skill development

B.) 20 min. clock

10 Lunges (Rx’d holding KB however)(ADV. 75/55)(BEEF 95/65) (Bison 115/75)
6 Pullups (BEEF 6 C2B) (Bison 10 C2B)
6 Pushups (BEEF 6men/4women Ring Dips) (Bison 10/8 Ring Dips)

@ min. 10:00  perform 140m Single Arm KB Farmer Carry (must carry at side, not on back or front)

then AMRAP (starting with lunges regardless of where you left off)
10 Lunge (same weight as above)
8 KB Swings Rx’d & ADV. 53/35 (BEEF 70/44) (Bison 70/53)
4 Burpees (BEEF & Bison Bar Facing Burpee)

*ONE score, TOTAL reps.  (22 reps/round)

——- ————–


Lots of you said you wanted to see more chippers, so here we go!  Not gonna lie, I’m not sure if I’ve programmed one in several years so I felt a little rusty here!  I tested out the Wall Climb overs with some of you this past Saturday, and then I did some too.  Personally I thought they were really fun, and it reminded me of when I was a kid and I used to make obstacle courses in my back yard using my dad’s saw horses and other random things I could find!  Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable going over the taller boxes, they’ll be smaller ones to go over too.

30 DB Thrusters 45/25
2 Rope Climbs
20 Double Unders or 60 Singles
800m Run
20 Double Unders or 60 Singles
16 Wall Climbs
30 Hanging Knee Raises or Situps
20 Double Unders or 60 Singles
1000m Row or Ski (2.5Kmen / 2Kwomen Bike)

30 Toes to Bar
45 Double Unders
30 DB Thrusters 45/25
4 Rope Climbs or 3/2 Regional Rope Climbs
1000m Row or Ski (2.5Kmen / 2Kwomen Bike)
45 Double Unders
800m Run
16 Wall Climbs
45 Double Unders

1500m Row or Ski (3Kmen / 2.5Kwomen Bike)
60 Double Unders
800m Run
40 Toes to Bar
60 Double Unders
16 Wall Climbs
60 Double Unders
3/2 Regional Rope Climb
40 DB Thrusters

——- ———-


To start off with, the part A. is to get in some gymnastics basics, done with excellent quality.  If you already have multiple reps of these movements you can opt for the Advanced version of working on unbroken sets.

Part B. is some good old fashioned fitness.  Relatively low skill and relatively light weight… which usually means intensity is gonna be pretty dang high!

A.) 8 min. Alt. EMOM
Even 1-5 Strict Pullups, C2B Pullups or Muscle Up
Odd 1-5 Pushups, Ring Pushups, Ring Dips, HS Pushup

0:00 Max Rep UB Muscle Up
1:00 Max Rep UB HSPU or Max Distance UB HS Walk
2:00 REST
3:00 Max Rep UB Muscle Up
4:00 Max Rep UB HSPU or Max Distance UB HS Walk
5:00 REST
6:00 Max Rep UB Muscle Up
7:00 Max Rep UB HSPU or Max Distance UB HS Walk

4 Rounds
403m Run
15 Deadlifts Rx’d 155/105 (ADV. 18@ 185/125) (BEEF 25@ 185/125)
15 Wall Balls (ADV. 18) (BEEF 25 Wall Balls)

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