Right of Passage/The Forgotten Art Of Squatting

Good luck to Helen who will be competing in the 2nd annual Rite of Passage weightlifting meet this weekend in Oakland! For the past several months, Helen has been working consistently on improving her Olympic lifts and it has shown a ton in training. I’ve witnessed big improvements in her snatch and clean technique and it’s a testament to her disciplined, focused, and dedicated practice. The Rite of Passage meet is a first-timers meet held by our buddies over at SPS Gym. It will be a two day event this year and you can watch folks lift Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am -3:00pm. Helen will be competing early on Sunday. Also, Hiroshi’s catering will be cooking his infamous wings at the meet again this year! Be sure to stop by and show your support!

For your weekend reading pleasure, check out this article on the “Forgotten Art of Squatting”. It’s a nice read on how we’ve sort of “de-volved” from the squat over the years and how it’s lead to many newer chronic musculoskeletal issues.

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  1. Helen
    Helen says:

    Thanks James and to everyone at SS for all your support! Hope to do well, then looking forward to getting back to regular training with you guys!


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