Operation PR Run!

Grab your running shoes! While a big motivation for this is simply to see the legendary Driscoll 5:31 Sweat Shop mile record be broken, this challenge is for anyone looking to improve upon their short/middle distance time trials. The top male mile and 800m records are held by two that are no longer members and would like to see that change and while I don’t necessarily want anyone breaking the 403m run record, I’d secretly embrace taking it down 😉 The ladies have been duking it out recently with some breaking and re-breaking of both records and, not to mention, some new spots for the masters 50+ miles were taken as well!

For the next 8 weeks, I will be posting TWO running workouts on beyond the whiteboard on the “SS Endurance RX” track EVERY MONDAY of the new week that are specifically aimed to improve upon each of those distances (400, 800, 1600). They should be done on a track or using the Sweat Shop trial courses. This track will be taking into account those who are enjoying their CrossFit classes each week and want to supplement their training. These WODS are best with at least a day of separation, and not on the same day as a 20+ minute hardcore workout. Because these are relatively shorter distances domains, the everyday folks following the Sweat Shop weekly WOD wont need to cut out the lifting cold turkey, but, if you enjoying doing heavy lifts on a regular basis (4x/week) and are more serious about running, I’d cut it down to two times a week.

I’m exited to see some progress, PRs, and hope we can take some records down! Because of the longevity of the male mile and 800m records, I’ll be giving a prize to anyone who tops either of those!

Have fun!

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