NorCal Masters 2017 Wrap Up


Chief and Lones just before the 1.1 mile weight vest run


NorCal Masters was this past weekend and our Sweat Shop competitors showed up in a big way!  Despite the long days, I had a great time coaching and with so many competitors there was very little down


Chief Banks 60+ Placed 4th overall and while being in the first heat of each workout always means you take the biggest hit when it comes to judging mistakes, Chief always kept his head up and a smile on his face.  The best moment for me was when he reached the chest to bar pullups in the finals and the crowd erupted in some of the loudest cheering of the weekend as he ripped out some of the most aggressive chest to bar pullups I’ve ever seen… I’m pretty sure if he had just driven his elbows and shoulder forward they would have turned into bar muscle ups!

Lones 60+  Placed 4th overall, and placed 1st in not only the barbell EMOM, but also placed 1st in most improved mental game.  This year Lones was much more calm than in years past.  Perhaps after doing her first olympic lifting meet just a month ago, the stress she experienced this weekend, pales in comparison to being on a single platform with the entire room watching just you!

Jim D. 55-59:  Placed 6th overall and was all around very consistent.  In true J.D. fashion he placed highest in the mile run (3rd) and the row/bike (3rd).  And overall he looked much better prepared than he did last year.

Jacqueline 50-54:  Placed 2nd overall narrowly missing 1st by just one point!  With a super competitive group the margin for error was razor thin, and one of her competitors was able to squeak past Jacqueline in the final workout.  Lesson learned, and I’m confident that Jacqueline won’t let that happen again.

Monique 45-49:  Placed 1st overall in commanding fashion with the next closest competitor being 19 points away!  She placed in the top 5 for 6 out of the 8 workouts, with her worst finish being 11th place.  Even on a workout that had 6 ring pushups, Mo went unbroken for 12+ rounds… pretty good for someone that claims to be bad at ring dips!

Joel 45-49:  Placed 19th overall and despite recently battling a lingering chest cold that didn’t allow him to train as much as he’d like, he looked great and paced workouts better than I have ever seen him do.  Not only did he place 3rd in the row/bike workout, but he also placed 8th in the barbell EMOM against some really strong guys from all around NorCal!

Helen 40-44:  Placed 7th overall and in my opinion was the most poised she has ever been during a competition of any level.  While smashing on the barbell EMOM and taking 1st in that workout, Helen got bumped from 4th to 7th, just missing making the finals after the row and assualt bike got the best of her.  Feel free to encourage her to join you in any nice long row or bike workout you come up with!

Seth 40-44:  Placed 13th overall and easily was enjoying himself more than anyone else at the entire competition.  Smiling, laughing, yelling out words of encouragement to himself during the workouts, and even joking with his judges… during the workouts!  Aside from all of that, Seth also was super consistent as he methodically smashed through each of the workouts.

Lastly, HUGE thanks to everyone that came out to support our crew over the course of the two days.  I know I speak for each one of them when I say it really makes all the difference in the world.  I feel like Sweat Shop not only had the most competitors, but also the most supporters out of any other gym in attendance this weekend!  #sweatshopswag

See more pics here.

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  1. Big Mike
    Big Mike says:

    I would like to echo what Nabil said about the amazing support we received during the weekend. It was great motivation for all of us to work as hard as possible during the workouts. Speaking of workouts, as I told Nabil this past weekend, the Sweatshop programming prepared us very well for NorCal Masters. Whether you compete or not, in my opinion we receive the best coaching and programmed workouts around. Looking forward to the Open.


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