Monday’s Featured Member

Name: Danielle Schirmer

Age: 31


How long have you been doing CrossFit?

4.5 years


What were you doing for exercise before CrossFit?

I spent half of my life doing ballet, then competitive cheer and finally running all the miles


How did you begin training at CrossFit Sweat Shop?

Chris Grames dragged me here


What has been the most significant benefit or change since you’ve been a member of the Sweat Shop?

I no longer need to shop in the kid’s department for clothes!


What is your favorite exercise or workout?

If it has power cleans, burpees, box jumps or thrusters I’m game


What is your least favorite exercise or workout?

It’s a tie between wall balls and rowing- I took 19.1 as a personal attack


 What is your favorite cheat meal/snack?

Donuts and a nice IPA- not together, but I love both

What do you enjoy most about training at CrossFit Sweat Shop?

At Sweat Shop I have found my real MVP, soul sisters, friends who are now family, and a whole lot of people look up to- I feel super lucky to have this group of people in my life.


Now that you’ve been doing CrossFit, what’s one thing you could never see yourself doing again?  (workout, nutrition, lifestyle, etc.)

Planning my day around a 6+ mile run


What is your proudest exercise related achievement?

First bar muscle up- hands down


What advice would you give someone who is hesitant to try CrossFit?

It is intimidating because it is dirty, loud and everyone is throwing around weight- but once you get in the door you realize everyone is super supportive and is for EVERYONE


What is your most sought after exercise goal?

A body weight snatch!


What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit?

Hang out with my pups and knit all the things


What is something you have recently purchased for less than $100 (or acquired for free) that you thoroughly enjoy and would recommend to others?

A cast iron dutch oven, it has so many uses! Works in the oven, on the stove, the lid can be a skillet and you best believe it will be my go-to-weapon if my house ever gets broken into.


Any advice you would give your 25 year old self?

Life will not go to according to plan, nor plan B- sit back and let it ride, its more enjoyable that way. 25-year-old self would not have listened, but worth a shot 😊

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  1. Art
    Art says:

    So you are a ballet dancer that likes to olympic lift? The body weight snatch is closer than you think! I can speak for a lot of the members when I say I am glad you chose the Sweatshop!


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