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For many of you, this time of year can get hectic as the Holidays are around the corner. Last minute deals need to get done, quotas need to be hit, school winding down with a bunch of tests, or the kids getting crazy and itching for that much needed month off. It’s totally normal to go through these waves of busy-ness and feel that you might not have the time to be able to get to the gym as often or as hard as you’d like. As much as it is a lifestyle and part of our daily routine, there are times when doing just a little bit is enough to get by and maintain your fitness. While maintaining tip top CrossFit shape is important, try not to make it an added stressor. Get it in how and when you can! Some of you get workouts in when you find a quick 10-minute break at work, or maybe you mix together a nice “at home tabata” while food is cooking or the kids are asleep. Some of you have your own home gyms! Shout out to all of you who find ways to get the work in when you can, whether that’s surviving the drive through holiday traffic to get to the Shop or crush it at home when you find some time! I saw this video of Crisel doing deads at the new Hiroshi’s Sweat Shop garage in Martinez and got inspired. Great work!

Check out some of your fellow Sweat Shoppers awesome workout pads!

Rikus, Berkeley, and “Ronda”

Mazzei Night Club

Seth and Krista’s Gainz Box

Ben Gallagher’s Swole Gallery

The Marten’s Muscle Manor

Richardo’s Garage


Redline Richardson’s Recovery Room…….Sponsored by FitAid

Drew’s Hella Clean Gym

Lennox’s T-Rex Training Room

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  1. Crisel
    Crisel says:

    Thanks for this, JB! I’m with Jacqueline….it is super encouraging to know that we are not alone in the busy life/fitness balance. Since it seems our friends at the gym are still fitting in a workout at home, I will try to continue as well.


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