Featured Athlete: Livi Y.


If you come to the Sweat Shop in the afternoon, you’ve no doubt worked out with Livi.  One would think that she has the perfect job with zero stress, because every time she comes into the gym she greets us with a warm smile and a super positive attitude!  You can even count on her to be bright eyed and smiling when she shows up for the occasional 6am class!  When visitors, or even members, speak about how friendly our gym culture is, it’s those with attitudes like Livi that create such an environment.  Read more about Livi below.


Name: Olivia “Livi, Liv, Liva” Yongue
Age: 29

Q.  How long have you been doing CrossFit?

A. 3 years

Q.  What were you doing for exercise before CrossFit? 

A. Growing up I’ve always been pretty active. During high school I played volleyball, basketball and track. In college, I rowed for one year. After that, I did Insanity videos and 24 Hour Fitness boot camps. 

Q.  How did you begin training at CrossFit Sweat Shop?

A.  My sister and mom joined CrossFit about a year before I started and I began to notice their bodies change. They started to look more toned and they really enjoyed going to class so I knew it was time for a change. Also, before I started at Sweat Shop, I visited 4 other gyms in the area to figure out which one I wanted to join. I decided to go with Sweat Shop based on the programming, location, parking, friendliness and most of all the trainers. I actually had one gym turn me away since they weren’t accepting any new members. JB coached me during my first workout and I was immediately sold! 

Q.  What has been the most significant benefit or change since you’ve been a member of the Sweat Shop? 

A.  I’ve noticed my body getting stronger and I am more focused on my nutrition. I’ve recently started practicing intermittent fasting and really enjoy it. It’s actually not as hard as you think once you get started.  

Q.  What is your favorite exercise or workout?

A.  You can’t go wrong with an AMRAP workout.

Q.  What is your least favorite exercise or workout?

A. Anything heavy.  

Q.  What is your favorite cheat meal/snack?

A. I LOVE Indian food. Mattar Panner or Channa Masala (extra spicy) with pesto naan and rice. I highly recommend SWAD in Lafayette. 

Q.  What do you enjoy most about training at CrossFit Sweat Shop? 

A. It’s pretty incredible how all the trainers have such an extensive educational and fitness background. You can just tell that they truly care about your progress and health. They are also so accommodating and flexible when it comes to providing alternative exercises within the WOD. I usually tell people that going to class is like getting personal training without “paying” for it.  

Q.  Now that you’ve been doing CrossFit, what’s one thing you could never see yourself doing again?  (workout, nutrition, lifestyle, etc.)

A.  Running on a treadmill. It’s so boring!

Q.  What is your proudest exercise related achievement?

A. I had a ton of fun competing in my first comp with Emily last year. It was challenging, fun and amazing to see all our family and friends supporting us! 

Q.  What advice would you give someone who is hesitant to try CrossFit? 

A. Just give it a try…if my mom and dad can do it, then anyone can!

Q.  What is your most sought after exercise goal?

A. There is so much I need to work on, but I’d love to get some rock solid abs one day!

Q.  What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? 

A. My weekends usually revolve around sleeping, eating great food and watching big sporting events with my husband, Marty.   

Q.  What is something you have recently purchased for less than $100 (or acquired for free) that you thoroughly enjoy and would recommend to others?

A.  I recently found Vegan cookie dough at Whole Foods and it’s delicious. They actually use apple sauce in it too (Eat Pastry brand)!

Q. Any advice you would give your 18 year old self?

A. To not worry so much about life…everything will happen as it’s intended to.

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  1. DJ
    DJ says:

    I definitely agree about Livi’s warm attitude. Every time I say Hi to her she always replies with a warm smile and a Hi back. Not easy to do at the 6 am class either! Also undoubtedly SWAD is great, and you can’t beat a lunch buffet for $10!


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