Don’t Walk Away From This Opportunity!

So as many of you know I wrote a piece about a month ago, talking about one of the habits I had picked up: going on 10 minute walks after meals.  I can gladly say I am still an avid participant in this practice, and have even been able to rope Britney, and my roommate occasionally, into this practice! I have also seen some people go on ten minute walks of their own from the sweat shop. While the blog post got a nice response, I wanted to provide a little bit more empirical data to help drive the point home. My previous post had relied mostly on anecdotal data but I know some people like to have more established information to turn to.

I want to reiterate the idea that just a little bit more physical activity each day can help tremendously with physical health and cognitive function. Use these walks, or walk, as an  opportunity to unplug, spend a little more time on personal reflection, or spend more time with a significant other or a friend. I want to again put the challenge out to people to do a ten minute walk after at least three meals in a week. I also want to expand the challenge, for people to make an effort to spend more time standing. Take a phone call on a walk, walk for a cool down after a workout, try to get some work done while standing, just find any excuse to spend more time on your feet! Take note of how you feel physically and mentally on the days where you spend less time sitting. You might find that you have more energy throughout the day and that you feel less sore (definitely needed after all those lunges on Monday)! Below I will link some resources you should take a glance at if you’re still on the fence about the benefits of walking. Let me know if you have been able to incorporate walks into your routine!



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