2017 Halloween Costume Contest!

Halloween is almost upon us! This year, it will be next Tuesday, so it’s coming up quick! As we’ve done in previous years, we will be having a costume contest throughout the day! There will be one winner (PRIZE = T-SHIRT!!!!), which will be decided amongst your coaches at the end of the day. Check out the rules & restrictions down below!

Rules & Restrictions:

  1. Simply wear your costume to any of the classes. Just incase you were wondering, we will be following the normal class schedule on this glorious day!
  2. The WOD must be completed in it’s entirety while wearing said costume (hats/glasses/feathers/helmets/etc…must remain on)
  3. No Jacqueline, there is no Master’s Division. Only one winner!
  4. Coaches are excluded from the contest, but you best believe they will be in costume!
  5. Creativity is highly encouraged, with that being said, continue on to #6…
  6. Please remember you’ll be working out in costumes, so please be safe…

Remember, Halloween is just around the corner! Start planning those costumes and get ready for a fun-filled class! Here’s some pictures from previous Halloween WODs…

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