Beating Mental Blocks in Oly Lifts

I just came across this article at a perfect time as I’ve spoken to more than a handful of Sweat Shoppers about this recently; getting over the mental block on the lifts. The article is written by Greg Everett of Catalysts Athletics and I was surprised at a couple things, one being that he actually talks about EMOMS being a useful tool (this is an olympic weightlifting coach) as well as some other strategies that I’ve tried on my own such as making different but vary weight increases getting closer to the weight that gets me nervous. In the article, while he talks about the “mental block“, keep note that all his solutions are physical practice strategies that you can all try in order to become more confident in the lifts. In other words, they are more about how to train the lifts as opposed to imagery or just psyching yourself up by screaming at the barbell.

Read the article HERE.

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  1. Jacqueline Janet
    Jacqueline Janet says:

    It works! My “mental block” numbers I hit regularly now. Snatching 60kg/132lbs was always iffy before CrossFit. Now I snatch that weight and more several times during wods with confidence.


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