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NorCal Masters Saturday and Sunday!

BOOM! The NorCal Masters is here! Come cheer on your BADASS masters Sweat Shoppers who will be competing at Craneway Pavillion in Richmond on Saturday and Sunday! The NorCal Masters is an annual two-day competition for Masters Athletes, with age divisions of 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+ in both genders. We have 9 Sweat […]

Rope Footwork

https://www.instagram.com/p/BPt1j7kAKwD/?taken-by=crossfitsweatshop I saw Nabil using this rope climb drill a couple weeks ago with one of his clients and wanted to share it with anyone who struggles with any version of wrapping the feet. This drill allows the climber to hold on to a pull-up bar while wrapping a foot on the rope.  This really […]


Here’s a little #FBF to some 2015 & 2016 comp highlights! Pumped to see what’s in store for 2017! 2015-2016 Team SS Highlights from CrossFit Sweat Shop on Vimeo.

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Outside The Box Feats

When is the last time you tested your fitness outside the Shop? We are always encouraging our members to get outside our “newly painted” walls from time to time and use the awesome strength and conditioning you’ve gained from your weekly CrossFit training. One recent thing that surprised me was when Melaney and I traveled […]

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“If you don’t use it……..”

You loose it. Simple, right? This post is dedicated to all who have recently…..or maybe in the distant past…gotten either muscle ups, pull-ups, or handstand pushups, and are going through a little skill hang-over and either forgot how to do them or are still stuck and can’t quite progress to do them consistently in workouts. It’s […]

Accessory Work

Everyone needs accessory work. Why? Because we ain’t built perfect for everything! Well, maybe some people. While we might be suited for a large amount of skills or activities, there are just as many that we are not suited for, especially in CrossFit’s pandora box of exercises. You may have heard from somewhere or have […]

An Excuse-Free Year

Look back on your year of training. You may have had some highs and some lows. Think about how much of your success was because of your actions and your hard work. Now think of the shortcomings. Were they in your control? Did someone or something mess it up for you? Maybe you just screwed […]

2016 Wins

In a couple days, 2016 will be gone as we know it! For many, it doesn’t mean anything more than a new date, as it simply is just another tomorrow. Obviously I think we should be more cognizant and reflective on our lives more than once a year, but for whatever reason, the new year […]