2016 Wins

Back in 2011 snatching “huge” with my Nike Frees. Such bad technique I needed a screen capture….but pumped of how far I’ve come!

In a couple days, 2016 will be gone as we know it! For many, it doesn’t mean anything more than a new date, as it simply is just another tomorrow. Obviously I think we should be more cognizant and reflective on our lives more than once a year, but for whatever reason, the new year seems to be a great opportunity to do so. As I’ve stated in previous posts on new year goals, what is really important to do first, is to acknowledge your wins or accomplishments of the past year. Whether it be fitness or work-related wins, or any other significant event that went your way, taking a second to think upon those achievements and remembering how you felt and why it made you happy, can help shape how to approach your next set of goals in the coming year. Often times a goal you didn’t achieve in 2016 can still stay the same for 2017. Rather than thinking of it as a failure, you take what you learned from it and adjust your approach. All in all, acknowledging what went right will help you stay happy and motivated throughout training!

Share some of your fitness wins this year with the rest of our community! If you don’t want to share them, post them somewhere right next to where you want to write your new year goals.

JB’s 2016 Fitness Wins
-20# Jumps in snatch and clean and jerk PR after a 2 years of it going no where.
-Being able to do 205# snatch in metcons
-300# Clean PR
-Redemption on Open 13.5

Things looking forward to attempting in 2017:
-Getting better at HSPU
-Clean and/or Jerk 300#
-Snatch 265#
-Break 3:40 Amanda

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