August: Accountabil-A-buddy Month

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Great work to all on keeping the Sweaty Swag flowing this month! There were awesome accomplishments, some big, some small, but what I loved this month was seeing you all challenge each other. Charlie, Jack, Camilo, and Lones accumulated over thousands of pushups together while making their own ground rules. Nabil, DJ, Marko, and Nene did over hundreds of lunges, KB swings, muscle ups, burpees. Adam headed to the track with Granite Games crew for endurance. Anne and Stephanie crushed pullups after workouts, Richard and Yi Chun competed against each other in situps, JSE and Scott did MURPH together, and most impressively, Bri used less chalk! Those were only some of the many highlights. You guys kept it fun and pushed each other to get better. It really shows how much of an impact a positive, hard-working community has on our own progress, simply from accountability. While we have our own “thing” to work on, what I love about our community is that whatever it is, we’re either rooting for each other on our homework and goals or just joining in on it together! Keep up the awesome work! On to September…

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