Weekly WOD insights 9/24/18


People have been getting much better at their handstands and other skills as of late due to all of our focused skill work, so I wanted to be sure to keep working that in. I want to focus on the handstand walk since it is a bit more tricky than the handstand pushup. For part B I like having these short Amraps back to back as I feel like it keeps the intensity high. you feel like theres always that light at the end of the tunnel so it it motivation to keep you moving. If you’re still getting doubles down, go ahead and go with single unders on part D, so you can maximize intensity on the last portion.


A.) Handstand Skill Session


Alt 8 Min Emom
1- Wall Walk w/ 15 second hold
2- :30 second hollow hold


Guided Skill Development 
Static Hold→ Hands further Back→ Foot Taps→ Shifting weight side to side →Walk to Wall


Emom or E2mom
-15-30 ft handstand walk
Challenge: 3 max distance handstand walks


B.) 7 minute Amrap
6 Squat Cleans 95/65 (adv. 115/75) (Beef 135/95)
6 Burpees (Beef bar facing)
10 double unders or 25 singles (adv 20 DU) (Beef 40 DU)


-Rest 90 seconds-


C.) 6 Minute Amrap 
9 power cleans 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
9 Burpees (Beef bar facing)


-Rest 90 seconds-


D.) 5 Minute Amrap
12 Deadlifts 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
10 Double unders or 25 singles (20) (40)


*3 separate scores for B, C, and D*


All sets on the squats should be across. Find a weight thats a good challenge but won’t make you fail. For Part B, if you’re in a bigger class feel free to pair up with another person if you both want to use the same equipment. While these are sprints they are not all out 100% on every single one. Think of going at 90% on each so you can sustain your effort since 1 minute is not quite enough time to recover. The goal is consistency for these. And if you think 5 sprints isn’t enough to give you a good workout….you didnt go hard enough. If you are partnering up, have one person start at 0:00 and the other start at 0:30. Try to be fast getting off the rower so your partner will have time to get strapped in and set up.


A.) Back Squat
Across @ 75-80% of 1rm


B.) 5 sets 
15 second Cal Row or AB sprint
-Rest 1 minute between efforts-
*score will be calories for each sprint*


I promise if you go hard enough on the sprints your face will be like this at the end!

For the clean and jerk remember that two on the minute can get tiring, so don’t get overzealous on the weight selection. Advanced folks feel free to go up in weight, so long as you stay in the 70-80% range. Feel free to do a different buy in and cash out if its not a big class. In terms of barbell weight for Rx’d and Adv, it should be light enough to where you could go unbroken on each movement. Only go Beefy if you want a very good muscular endurance test as it will be a significantly different workout than Rx’d and advanced. You’ll notice there will be some optional aerobic conditioning offered on this day. This is meant to be a stand alone workout and not done in conjunction with anything else. The benefits of the aerobic conditioning are that it tends to be a lot less strenuous on the body and will train a different energy system than our traditional met cons. If you want something more steady state opt for a long row/bike/ski.
A.) 14 minute EMOM
2 Clean and Jerks or Snatches
Adv: 1 rep EMOM @70-80% of 1rm


B.) Rx’d and Advanced 
-Buy in 403m Run or 500/450m row or AB 25/20 Cal-
3 Rounds 
9 Hang Power Cleans 95/65 (adv 115/75)
8 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65 (115/75)
7 Pull Ups (adv+ 4 C2B) (adv 8 C2B)
-Cash out 403m Run or 500/450m row or AB 25/20 Cal-


Beefy Version 
-Run 403m or 500m row or AB 25/20 Cal-
25 Hang Power Cleans 135/95
25 Shoulder To Overhead 135/95
25 C2B Pull ups (Bison 12 Bar muscle ups)
-Run 403m or 500m row or AB 25/20 Cal-


Alternate Aerobic Conditioning Option

15-30 minute Row/Bike/ Ski


 Todays skill session will be focused around Bar Muscle Ups. We have been keeping these in our programming more recently to keep sharpening the sword. One of the more common issues we see with bar muscle ups is understanding how to pull with straight arms to get yourself up and arond the bar. The box assisted bar muscle up is a great way to train this movement pattern. If you have the pulling strength necessary, use the box muscle up to familiarize the pattern, and then move to a band assisted or coach assisted bar muscle up to start to move your own body weight through space. For the finisher aim for consistency on the rounds. A good goal is to keep all your rounds within 10-15 seconds of that first round split.
A.) Bar Muscle Up Skill Session


Alternating 8 min EMOM
1- 2-5 strict pull ups or 6-9 Ring Rows
2- :30 second hollow hold (or hollow variation)


Guided Skill Development 
-Towel Drill
-Band assisted or Coach assisted muscle up


8 Min EMOM or E2MOM
1-5 Bar Muscle Ups


B.) 5 Rounds 
Run 403m
12 Box Jumps (adv 15) (beef 15 box jump overs)
10 Hanging Knee Raises or Sit ups (adv 8 T2B) (beef 12 T2B)




For the deadlifts you want to find a challenging weight, but it should be manageable the entire Emom. I would highly  Encourage you to use control on the eccentric (downward) portion, or reset at the bottom of the deadlift, instead of going touch and go. For the second minute I wanted to get some strict push work in with some midline. For the dumbbell press you will use 2 dumbbells (one in each hand) and  can stand, or sit. For the z press you will need to be seated on the ground with your feet out in front. Rx’d peeps you’ll be buying in with the medball carry, advanced and beef folks you’ll have to get the carry done before time expires. Give yourself enough time to complete the carry but don’t go too conservative! Take a risk!


A.) 12 Min Alt Emom
1- 4 Deadlifts @ 70-80% of 1rm
2- Alternate between 8 DB Shoulder press (Adv Z press) / :30 hollow hold (Adv banded)


B.) 10 minute Amrap 
9 Wall Balls (adv 12) (beef 15)
9 Power Clean 95/65 (adv 115/75) (beef 135/95) (Bison: PC must be unbroken)


*Rx’d buy in 403m Med balll Carry*
*Adv/Beef must perform 403m MB carry before time expires*
*Adv/ Beef Cannot continue Amrap after they return*



Grab a friend, frenemy, or a complete stranger! You’ll be working in partners today. Partner workouts are always fun they add that extra motivation to push a bit harder because you don’t want to let your partner down. In terms of weight and movement selection pick something that allows you to cycle through the movements at a good pace. You don’t want any one thing to slow you down. For the runs you do not have to alternate with your partner, you can allocate as many as you’d like to one person. Ideally keep the runs to no more than 2 minutes or just over to leave yourself enough time to work on the Amrap. If you’re in a odd number class no worries there is a solo version that will definitely suffice.


✮Partner Workout ✮
22 Min Amrap
12 Front Squats 95/65 (adv 115/75) (Beef 15 @ 135/95)
8 Pull ups (Rx’d+ 5 C2B) (adv 8 C2B) (Beef 4/2 BMU) (Bison 8 BMU)
12 KB swings 53/35 70/44 (beef 15 @ 70/53)


*At min 4, 10, and 16 one person Runs 403m, other parter rests. They must wait until partner gets back to continue Amrap*

Solo Version 
20 Minute Amrap
10 Front Squats 95/65 (adv 115/75) (Beef 12 @ 135/95)
8 Pull ups (Rx’d+ 5 C2B) (adv 8 C2B) (Beef 3/2 BMU) (Bison 6 BMU)
10 KB swings 53/35 70/44 (beef 12 @ 70/53)


1 minute rest @ min 5, 10, and 15


Marko has used this format in the past and I noticed at how good the intensity was on the movements. Go ahead and work the entire minute since you’ll be getting :30 seconds of rest between each movement. If you’re in a huge class you may have to share a sled with someone else within the minute.


A.) Bar Muscle Up Skill Session


Alternating 8 min EMOM
1- 3-5 Strict Pull ups
2- :30 second hollow hold (or hollow variation)


Guided Skill Development 
-Towel Drill
-Box Assisted Muscle up
-Band assisted or Coach assisted muscle up


8 Min EMOM or E2MOM
1-5 Bar Muscle Ups


B.) 4 Rounds 
1 min Burpee Box Jump Over
-30 second rest-
1 minute DB Snatch 45/25 (adv 50/35) (beefy alt 50/35)
-30 second rest-
1 minute to do one 70m sled push 25/15 45/25 60/45
-30 second rest-
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