Weekly WOD Insights 4/23


Compare this workout to 1/11/18. The first portion of this AMRAP is all about the run. The power cleans should be light and something you are comfortable with cycling through. The second portion, or AMRAP, is where we will pull your score from. You’ll want to move quickly on the runs but not so much that you’re redlined for the AMRAP. Get to know your pacing. Go relatively easy on the first round and use the clock and check how long it takes you. Try to match or get better with the following rounds. Remember to have guitar picks or something else ready to keep track of those rounds.  
20 minute AMRAP

4 Rounds

403m Run
10 Power Cleans
Then in the remaining time
5 Pull-ups

10 Box Jump Overs

Rx’d 95/65

ADV. 115/75, 5 C2B Pullups

BEEF 135/95, 10 C2B Pullups

For the sets across Back Squat, I really liked Marko’s description from last as to how we should approach  a strength session. “The goal is to lift the most amount of weight (given the rep scheme) as efficiently as possible. A typical set takes about :15 -:20 seconds, and in order to recover that energy system, it takes about 3:00 at the least! So please take your time in order to maximize your strength session. With that being said, take about 10:00 to build up to your working weight, then allow for 15:00 or so on your sets across. In total, 25:00! Relax, socialize, and get stronger. This part is NOT a metcon.”
For Part B, I wanted the simplicity and intensity of a couplet with a shorter time domain. The deadlifts should be something you can rep out, ideally unbroken, or as unbroken as possible in the first larger sets. For B2, you can split up the movements however. As you start to fatigue out on the air squats, switch to sit ups and via versa. 
A.) Back Squat
(Sets Across)
Compare 2/27
B1.) 10-8-6-4-2
       Deadlift 135/95 185/135 225/155
       Bar Facing Burpees
Rest 2 minutes
B2.) 3 minutes max reps
Air Squats and or sit ups (Alternate however)
We’ve been doing skill work for a few weeks now. If you feel like you’ve gotten the most you can out of a particular drill, let us know and we will be sure to find you a new progression. 
Examples of Push: Push up, Handstand Push up, Wall Walk, HS Walk, Ring Dip
Examples of Pull: Strict Pull up, Strict C2B, Rope Climb, Muscle up Transition
Examples of Core: Hollow olds or rocks, parallette holds, strict or kipping T2B
For the AMRAP, scale Double Unders and push ups as needed, and choose box push ups if you can’t do full range from the floor. This is a good one to work on setting a good pace, staying in that “orange zone” and going all out at the end. With this 12 minute AMRAP, it might get a little “mental” so stay focused, in the zone and use this workout to work on your mental game!
A.) 10 minutes Skills
-Push skill
-Pull skill
-Core skill
B.) 12 minute AMRAP
20 Double Unders or 40 singles (35) (50)
6 Push Ups ADV 6 HSPU Beefy: 10
9 Box Jumps Beefy:12
12 KB Swings 53/35 70/44 Beefy: 15

I wanted the reps to be low in these to you guys moving. I can’t stress enough, the importance of breaking the movements up early. Ex. 5s on the wall balls and toes to bar. For this workout, I would practice your transitions to each movement. See how well you can maintain heart rate during one exercise in order to swiftly move onto the next. For example, if I break up my wall balls, it allows me to go right to the dumbbell and get to work on snatches. I’d rather see you take breaks within the movement and be able to transition quickly to the next movement. Beefy has the option for an extra spice option in which they are required to do everything unbroken. 


Buy in 20 cal Row (ADV 25) (Beefy 30)
5 Rounds
10 Wall Balls (12) (15)
10 Dumbbell Snatches (12) (15)
10 Knees to Chest ADV and Beefy: T2B (12) (15)
70m Wall Ball Run
Extra Credit Beef: UB Everything!
For Part A.) this should NOT be done touch and go. I want each lift to be for quality – really honing in on the hang position. Power Clean is acceptable especially if you’re sore from the back squats and wall balls days prior.
Snatch option: I made this complex every 90 seconds. ADV.  folks, you are responsible for knowing when to go. Clock math provided for you below…..
Part B.) This is a take on FGB. Rx’d is going to get max reps as per usual. ADV & Beefy have a spice factor to make sure they hit minimum reps per round. I wanted to create incentive to push harder on the row and bike and also insure there is a level of consistency for the duration of the WOD.
A.) EMOM for 15 minutes
Clean and Jerk Complex:
1 Clean from Hang + 1 C&J from floor
Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes

Snatch Complex:
1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Squat Sntatch + 1 Squat Snatch

B.) FGB style: 4 Rounds of Max Reps per minute
Row (Beefy Bike) Cals
Pull Up (ADV: C2B) (Bar Muscle Up)
Front Rack Lunge 75/55 95/65
ADV & Beefy Mimimums
Row / Bike (10/8)
C2B (8) BMU (5)
Lunge (15)
Skill see Wednesday*
The Shoulder to Overhead weight should be light and ideally be able to do unbroken. I’m hoping for a time domain of around 11-13 minutes so you can push the intensity envelope a little here as opposed to a longer 20 minute metcon. I’d like you to play around with going a little harder on the run than you may be used to. If you’re an Rx’er and are a proficient runner, feel free to scale up and do the 800m Run on this. 
A.) 10 minute Skills
-Push skill
-Pull skill
-Core skill
B.) Buy In: 603m Run ADV & Beefy: 800m Run
3 Rounds
1 Rope Climb ADV: 2 regular or 1 regional Beefy: 2 regional
5 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65 15/75 135/95 155/115
7 Front Squats
Cash out: 403m Run
Partner WOD (one person does all of one movement) This workout will require good commutation and eye contact between you and your partner, when your partner is working, be ready on deck to start the next movement. You will make up a lot of time on transition if you’re communicating well. 
For the relay: This not the time to hold back.  Each person does 403m run twice
Partner A Run (Partner B rest)
Partner B Run (Partner A rest)
Partner A Run (Partner B rest)
Partner B Run (Partner A rest)
10 minute AMRAP 
5 Burpees
7 Knees to Chest ADV: T2B
10 Wall Balls
Rest 1 minute
2 Rounds
2 x 403m Relay