Snatch-Back Friday!

A couple weeks ago I filtered a bunch of snatch videos out from the “Coaches Eye” archive section in my Photos app. I thought it would be fun to compare some recent ones with those I found when I just started doing CrossFit. I couldn’t help but laugh at all of the early snatches. While I’m very happy with the evolution and progress of my olympic lifts in 7 years, it’s pretty amazing to see the silly things I was doing back then, given what I know now about the lifts, and how I coach them. Everyone starts from somewhere! Some of the things that stand out looking back across the years:

1.) I didn’t hook grip the first year or so of learning snatch ….whoops! ;(
2.) I did not do them in the safest environments (outside on a rug? wth?)
3.) Nike Free’s were my snatching go to’s!
4.) My set were are ALL OVER THE PLACE. Super hunched over at times, and too much twerking on others.
5.) I was really just throwing my hips into the bar up until 2016. Too much hump and less jump!
6.) The speed of the first pull significantly slows down as the years went by and weight went up!
7.) I miss the “tiny box” days when we would just look-up new movements and just try to “figure it out”.
8.) How clean the boxes were.
9.) I’m pumped at how far I’ve come and look forward to getting better!

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  1. Jacqueline Janet
    Jacqueline Janet says:

    I ENJOYED watching this immensely! Its just very cool to see that my coach had to learn movements too….you didn’t just get good overnight! We all have to go thru the process of learning! Thanks so much for sharing. Seriously, my snatch has improved since I’ve been under your tutorage too. LOL

  2. Tara Swarts
    Tara Swarts says:

    Wow James! When a mere student can see the changes it’s really amazing. And I catch myself giving the same cues u have taught me when watching u in the earlier videos! So cool to see my coach at these progressional growth stages!


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