WODs 9/12/22- 9/18/22

Monday 9/12

3 rounds (30 m time cap)


X3  {15 Wall Balls 20/14 (adv 20 lb+) + 10 Box step ups w/ wall ball}


X3 {70 m Farmer carry 45/25 (adv 50+/35+) + 7 Pull ups (adv C2B) (beef BMU)}


The wall ball and box step up combo is spicy. I found it harder to control my heartrate on this portion. The wall balls and pull ups will add up today. A goal on this workout is to focus on moving soundly through the wall balls. It’s easy to get mindless on the wall balls, but 135 repetitions of poor mechanics add up. Should be a fun one!


Tuesday 9/13

  1. Every 3 min x 5 Squat  3+3 (adv 2+2) (30s or less between clusters)


  1. Partner mile run (2 ppl accumulate a mile, can break up anyway ie all 200s, 800 ect., only one person can run at a time)


I always like it when we program cluster sets. It is a nice way to add variability and a hypertrophy effect. 30 seconds or less between clusters for today with 3 minutes between sets. You should not expect to be at the 3 RM today.  2 min between sets is not enough time to be at a 3 RM with a cluster. However, weight should be heavier than a 6 RM. If you have no idea how heavy you should be lifting, talk to a coach. In part B only 1 partner runs at a time, the other rests. This should be an all out effort.


Wednesday 9/14


Deadlift (60-75%)

HSPU or DB Shoulder to Overhead (choose weight)

12 cals (adv. 15 cal) (beef 20 cal)


This workout is something like Linda’s second cousin twice removed. You should be able complete at least 5 consecutive deadlifts and shoulder to overhead when fresh. I wanted to keep an overhead pushing movement for everyone so you can choose between a HSPU or shoulder to overhead. 


Thursday 9/15

5 Rounds

4 min AMRAP

10 Double unders (adv 20)

1 Rope climb or 6 pull-ups or ring rows (adv short rope or legless)

6 Burpees (adv 8)(beef 10)


30s- 1 m static hold: Push-up position, plank, handstand, ¾ handstand, Ring support, elevated push position


25 minutes total on this one. 4 min of AMRAP and 30s- 1 min of static hold. Start back on the AMRAP at minute 5 and pick up where you left off. You should be able to complete 1+ rounds on the AMRAP in 4 minutes. The goal on the static holds is to be conscious of spine and pelvis position. If you have aspirations of doing gymnastics skills this is imperative. 


Friday 9/16


  1. Every 2 min x8

Clean & Jerk or Snatch


  1. 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1

Clean or Snatch (around 75%)

70 m run 


Everyone should be warmed up for part B from part A. You should be able to go heavier than you might on a higher volume metcon. Singles are fine, but the weight should not be so heavy you fail reps.


Saturday 9/17

2 Rounds

600 m run (adv 800 m)

12 Hang Power Cleans 95/65 (adv 115/75) (beef 135/95) (bison 155/105) 

12 Front Squat

12 Hang Power Cleans

600 m run (adv 800 m)

Rest 2 min


There is quite a bit of running in today’s workout so feel free to swap with a machine. Feel free to mix and match rx/adv. 


Sunday 9/18

  1. 10 min Alt. EMOM

6-10 Strict pull up

6-10 Strict press (choose weight)


  1. 15 min AMRAP  

10 Cals (adv 15)(beef 20)

8 DB snatch 45/25 (adv 12 @ 50/35) (beef 14 @ 55+/40+)

6 HKR or 3 T2B (adv 6 T2B) (beef 12)


I have been a fan of Sunday strength and think strict overhead strength takes quite a bit of consistency to build. For the AMRAP cals should be about 1 min. 3 T2B for people who are on the cusp of doing toe to bar.