Weekly WOD insights 9/14/20


For todays olympic lifts you’ll have the option to cut it down to one rep if you are a more experienced lifter. We have been training for a couple months now so hopefully you all feel like you’ve been able to get some strength back. The finisher is a quick and easy one. If any of you caught last weeks blog post, you might have seen a video I linked on how to clean up your kettlebell swing. I’m going to link the same video below because I think the kettlebell swing is an extremely valuable movement!
A.) 12 Minute emom
2 Cleans or Snatches


Adv option
First 6 sets- 2 reps
Last 6 sets- 1 rep


B.) 7 rounds 
:30s of Max Kettlebell swings 53/35 (70/44) (Am swing 70/53)
:30s of air squats
:30s of rest



If you have been a long time sweat shopper theres a good chance you have done this workout! It seems we have tested about once a year, and luckily for us, it works well with our current outdoor set up! Check back on the listed dates to see if you have done this workout before. As always I will encourage you to best your previous score, but remember that we are coming out of a period where a lot of us have not been able to consistently workout. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to best your previous score. At the end of the day the most important thing is that you’re showing up and getting after it😎👊.


18 minute amrep
5-10-15-200m run    *Compare 5/2/19, 3/9/18, 11/18/17*
Shoulder to overhead 95/65 (115/75) (DB 50/35)
Box Jump over (Beef no step up)


*one round is 91 reps*
**score the 200m run as 1 rep**


Opt for the dumbbell version for todays workout if you want a bit of a different stimulus!


It seems my single leg strength work has been well received by all of you. And by well received I mean that many of you have told me that you’re very sore after doing these single leg days 😂. I do promise that the single leg work we have been doing is extremely valuable, it will help get rid of imbalances you have between your legs. Also, it will improve your balance. For all you skiers/snowboarders this can be very valuable! For the finisher you will have a built in rest minute so be sure to try and maximize your work time during the emom.


A.) 10 Minute alternating emom 
1- 5 ea side Back stepping lunges (DB/KB/BB)

2- :20-:40s plank (adv weighted plank) (Beef Hollow hold) (Bison weighted hollow hold)

Cally thinking about all the single leg gainz she’s going to get from doing the lunges and split squats.


B.) 12 Minute alternating emom
-Wall balls
-Down ups (adv Burpees)
-Max cals any machine



Last week while I was coaching a workout that had double unders in it, I was extremely impressed with how many people were able to start stringing doubles together! I would encourage any of you who have aspirations of doing doubles to try and incorporate them into todays workout. Check out the video below if you want some good tips. The only one I may not completely agree with is the usage of the single to double method. I still like to use that to teach people doubles but to each their own!


5 rounds 
10 Power Cleans 95/65 (115/75 or power snatch 95/65) (135/95 or 115/75 power snatch)
12 Sit ups, tuck ups, v-ups (6 toes to bar) (10 toes to bar)
15 Double or 45 singles unders (30) (60)
403m Run (Beef runs 603/603/403/403/403)


Ideally we are building from two weeks (8/31) ago with todays squats. For the most part we will be taking these from the ground but if you do find yourself in a smaller class we have a couple squat racks that can be brought outside. The advanced option for today is reserved for the folks who are very comfortable with moving heavier weight on the clean. If the clean is something you are still getting the hang of, you will want to stay with the higher rep range to get the necessary stimulus.


A.) Front Squat
6-6-6-6 (Adv 3-3-3-3)


-Buy in 70m Farmer carry ~45/25 ~50/35-


4 rounds 
15 Dumbbell snatch 45/25 (20 @ 50/35) (Alt @ 50+/35+)
10/7 Push ups (14/10) (Beef HSPU 8/4) (Bison 12/8)


-Cash out 70m Farmer carry ~45/25 ~50/35-
Beef/Bison only Cash out with 200m farmer carry ~50/35 70/45-


If you’ve gotten this far you’re probably worried that I forgot to put a picture of Honey in the blog post, but fear not! Honey is here and she’s accompanied by Mama Grace to wish you all good fortune for the weekend!
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