Weekly WOD Insights 7/2/18

I am very happy to put out my first official week of programming to the gym! I worked hard on coming up with what I thought would be the best fit for this weeks workouts and would really love feedback from anyone. Throughout the week let me know if you loved a workout, hated it, or thought something could have been improved! I promise it will not hurt my feelings and I want to learn as much as possible so I can put out the best possible product for all of you! Hope you all enjoy!



Yes. Deadlifts have worked their way back into our strength. I think that working on hinging strength can have a lot of benefit and crossover to other movements. It also gives an opportunity to work on a gymnastics skill or midline development in one EMOM. I remember we used to do lots of these kinds of Deadlift EMOMS and I think they can provide a lot of benefit to people. If you decide to work on your handstands be sure that you catch your breath after being inverted before going back to the deadlift. For the finisher its meant to be short and sweet. The goblet squats will provide a different challenge for the upper back and midline as opposed to a barbell squat. For Beefy folks, the burpees over the kettlebell can be lateral or forward over. If you are still working on double unders be sure to not spend any more than 4o seconds on each set.

A.) 12 min alt EMOM
1- 5 Deadlifts @70-80% of 1rm
2- :30 second hollow hold or Wall walk, Wall walk w/shoulder taps, handstand walk
B.) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Burpees (Beef Burpee over KB)
Air squats (adv. Goblet squat 53/35) (Beef 70/44+) (Bison DB squats 50/35)
*Perform Double Unders after every even number set (10-8-6-4-2)
Rx’d: 10 DU (20 singles)   Adv: 20 DU   Beef: 30 DU


Grab a partner and buckle up. We rarely go over 20+ minutes in AMRAPS so I wanted to take this opportunity to do so to go a bit longer! This will ideally be a partner workout to keep the intensity higher and minimize muscle fatigue. I kept the dumbbell movements a bit lighter due to the single arm shoulder to overhead which can be deceptively tough. Only go Bison if your goal is to get better at kettlebell movements, otherwise just stick with the dumbbell. If you are doing the solo version go ahead and do the same workout but make sure you do three 403m runs (adv. does 403m med ball carries) at some point during the 25 minutes! I would recommend spending extra time warming up your non dominant arm as that tends to be the tougher side on the single arm movements.


25 min AMRAP
12 DB snatch 40/20 (adv. 15 reps 45/25) (Beef 15 alt. 50+/35+) (Bison KB snatch 53/35)
9 Single Arm DB S2O 40/20 (adv. 12 @ 45/25) (Beef 50+/35+) (Bison KB S2O 53/35)
6 Box jump over (Adv. 9)
*1 person works while the other performs a 403m run (adv. perform 403m medball carry)
**If solo version perform 3 runs (adv. MB carries) at some point during the workout**


Happy fourth!! Remember there is open gym from 9-10 am!



I want to persuade people to just stick to lifting on this day. I programmed this day to back squats and a few accessory movements without a met con because having a day purely focused on lifting can have a lot of benefit to overall strength improvements. The accessory movements will be done after you are done with the back squats. It can still leave you feeling satisfied like you got a full workout in. You do not HAVE to end every strength session with a high intensity finisher. If you cannot detach yourself from not doing a metcon after the strength portion, you can forego the accessory movements (part B’s) and perform the optional met con.

A.) Back Squat @70-75% of 1rm
       2x 8 reps ea. leg
B2.) Ring Row or Strict Pull-up 
       2x 6-12 reps
B3.) Midline Development  (Middle plank, L-sit, Ring support, Prone Ring hold)
        2x 30-60 sec.
       Optional Metcon
      20 Wall balls (adv. 25) (Beef 2 for 1 Wall Balls)
      10 Burpees (adv. 15 Burpees)
      15 Wall Balls (adv. 20)
      10 Burpees
      10 Wall Balls (adv. 15)
      10 Burpees


With the olympic lifting being 2 reps in an EMOM fashion it might elevate the heart rate a bit more than usual so be sure to take note of that, especially if you are doing Clean and Jerks. Usually we give the option of doing one rep on the minute for advanced folks but I wanted our experienced lifters to lift under a little fatigue as well. For the finisher I programmed in the sled pushes because I think they are a great tool to achieve a high level of intensity. I also think if we do them semi-frequently it will prevent us getting super sore from them. I decided to pair the sled pushes with some gymnastics movements so we can still get some gymnastic pull work in under fatigue. In observance of the gymnastic movements I cut down the sled reps from our usual format. Be sure to rest AT LEAST 90 seconds between efforts. The rest starts as soon as you are done with your pull ups.


A.) Every Minute on The Minute for 12 minutes 

2 Clean & Jerks or Snatches

B.) Sled Sprints  (rest at least 90 sec b/t sprints) 
     Rx’d 5 sets w/ 15/10 pounds + 5 pull-ups
     Adv. 6 sets w/ 25/15 pounds + 9 Pull ups or 6 C2B
     Beef 7 sets w/ 35+/25+ pounds + 3/2 BMU (Bison 5/3 BMU)


For Saturday I wanted a nice and simple WOD so I kept it to some fundamental movements. I know people’s posterior chains might be a bit sore from the sleds but I am hoping the deadlifts will be light enough where it won’t cause any problems for low back soreness. Be sure to gauge your weight based off your shoulder to overhead ability and not your deadlift ability as the S2O will definitely be the limiter here! On the double unders don’t spend any longer than :45 seconds on each set so you can keep the intensity high! I would also suggest not waiting till the end to complete the rope climbs (especially in a big class) as it might cause some traffic jams.

4 Rounds
403m Run (Beef Runs 603/603/403/403)
12 Deadlift  95/65  (adv.115/75)  (Beef 15 @135/95)  (Bison 15 @155/105)
10 Shoulder To overhead
15 Double Unders (adv 25) (beef 50)
**@ some point complete 2 Rope Climbs  (Adv. 3)  (Beef 2 Regional or legless + 1 regular)  (Bison 3 regional or legless)


I did a very similar workout to this one a few weeks ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it so I wanted to bring the fun to the Sweat Shop! The goal for each of these mini WODs is to treat it like a sprint. Definitely try to push the pace and be a bit more aggressive than usual on how you break things up, since the workouts are short and you’ll get rest in between them to recover. Aim to complete each couplet in seven minutes or less to achieve that sprint stimulus. Be sure to keep track of your times for each portion as they will be scored individually. Also keep track of your rest time as you’ll be responsible for knowing when to rest and when to start again!

15-12-9 (Adv. 21-15-9)
Wall Balls
15-12-9 (Adv. 21-15-9)
Box Jump 24/20
-3 Min. rest-
15-12-9  (Beefy 21-15-9)
Sit-ups or Hanging Knee Raises (adv. Toes to Bar)
Run 200m between sets (adv. 403m run)
-3 min rest-
Power Clean 75/55  (Adv.95/65)  (Beef 115/75)  (Bison 135/95)
15-12-9 (Adv. 21-15-9)
**Adv./Beef go in reverse order (start with Power clean and Row Finisher)**





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  1. Big Mike
    Big Mike says:

    You’re off to a good start. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s EMOM. Lones and I were saying we miss deadlifting. Workout B was good as well. Looking forward to the partner WOD tomorrow.

  2. Tara Swarts
    Tara Swarts says:

    So glad to see you programming DJ! Looking forward to Sunday’s workout as I will be finally back from traveling! And I LOVE any workout with deadlifts! Keep them coming please!


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