Introducing: Assault Air Runner

Most of you probably have noticed the gigantic new piece of equipment hanging out in the corner of the Sweat Shop. That my friends, is our new Assault Air Runner. Not just your ordinary treadmill, the Air Runner is designed to improve running mechanics and offer an alternative to running outdoors in the crazy heat we are currently experiencing, rowing, biking, or skiing.

First of all, this puppy doesn’t even have a motor! The machine is designed to force the user to “pull” instead of just rebound off of the ground like typical treadmills you see now a days. By pulling the ground, we now engage the hamstrings and glutes which gives us the power to propel forward and continue to keep the momentum moving. The speed is completely up to you! Secondly, the curved designed helps to reinforce a more forefoot approach when landing. This isn’t to say that you should be running on just your tip-toes, that will just set you up for some major calf soreness or achilles problems down the road (no pun intended, DJ). Think about it as the front half of your foot striking the ground first, allowing you to continue to accelerate forward, and the heel will almost “kiss” the ground second. Just to give you guys a comparison, leading with a heel strike method serves as a braking method. We tend to use this method when walking down hills during a hike. Anyway in doing so, it forces us to slow down and then reaccelerate when running, which is very inefficient having to continue that pattern on long distance runs.

That’s my 10 cents on the Assault Runner, and to be honest, I’ve noticed a carry over towards running outdoors in just a few workouts! I encourage you guys to give it a try, so here’s a few workouts to get you going!


100 Cal on the Air Runner

*every 2:00 hop off and perform 5 burpees


1.5/1 Mile on the Air Runner


5 Rounds

1:30 at 70% Heart Rate

1:00 at 75% Heart Rate

:30 at 80%+ Heart Rate

3:00 Rest


5 x 3:00 Max Distance

*rest 1:00 in between sets


12 x 200m Sprints

*:30 rest in between sets

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  1. Nabil
    Nabil says:

    Thanks Marko, these look like some good workouts! Also, folks should try running for a minute or two on the treadmill, then getting off and immediately running on regular ground to help carry over the desired run mechanics from the TM, to our regular runs. And while I originally thought this would be the only application for the TM, after talking w/ James, he made a good point about how incorporating TM runs within a wod with other movements could also be a good way to remind/reinforce the importance of proper run mechanics even when we are really tired. I think the bottom line with this, or ANY time you are doing an exercise that is technical in nature (as just about all of them are), is to be mindful in your movement! Think about HOW you are moving and if you can improve it! Whether it’s to improve your fitness for competitive purposes, or to be fit, healthy, and injury free, moving EFFICIENTLY is the key!


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