Weekly WOD Insights 5/7/18


Our EMOM formats are used in a couple ways. Sometimes the focus is more about volume/conditioning by going longer or maybe more reps with less rest (every minute), or other times it’s to be able to go heavier with attempting every 90 seconds or lowering the reps to a single. Today’s is a mix of both. One constant though is that these are ALWAYS technique days. While this format allows you to go heavier with more recovery, they still should “feel” like you are in control of your output or effort and are not flirting with failure. You’ll probably hear us say “no misses” during these, but it should really be, getting 20 confident repetitions in. For the finisher, the power cleans should be something you can move semi-quickly. If you are going to link or do quick singles, focus on being as efficient as possible as 45 reps, even at light weight, will bite you in the butt later if form starts to degrade early.

Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes
2 Squat Snatches or Clean and Jerks

10 Minute Cap
Power Cleans 96/65, 115/75, 135/95
Burpees (ADV+ Beef: Bar Facing Burpees)

21 Power Cleans 135/95
21 BFB
15 Power Cleans 165/115
15 BFB
9 Power Cleans 185/135

For Rx’d and ADV, this is a repeat workout we did a couple times last year. For Beefy, I took out “5 power snatch+OHS” and just made it OHS so that folks could focus on one lift. The pullups are still an option for beef but I added a muscle up option this time for those who wanted a different challenge. The focus on this interval style workout is to go hard on each set as there should be ample rest and recovery. Mix and matching is ok, just be sure you choose an option you can complete with at least 2-3 minutes to recover each set. What is interesting about these types of workouts is to see how well you can hold that higher intense pace across 5 rounds. Obviously, if you sandbag the rounds, you are more likely to be consistent and have ZERO drop off. So, this time, try to be as aggressive as you can without redlining, or if it helps, think about going 85-90 percent to start and see if you can hold on.

Compare similar 9/28/17 and 6/7/17

Every 6 minutes for 30 minutes: (5 sets, each set for time).
403m Run
7 Pullups (ADV: 10 C2B) (Beef: 15 C2B or 6 Bar MU or 6/4 Ring MU)
15 Front Squats 95/65 (ADV: 15 OHS @95/65) (Beef: 15 OHS@115/75)

Because we have a couple options of muscle ups, handstand pushups, bar muscle ups, and pull-ups, I wanted to replace one of those with a hollow hold in our skills this week. Take those seriously and if regular holds are too easy, give this weighted one a try! For the WOD, I did something similar to this a couple months ago and REALLY liked these movements in their combination. I tend to program triplets because I think they are fun and you get a little more rest between movements, but there is something about these shorter AMRAPS with only two movements that get me every time. Muscle endurance plays a bigger roll on couplets and think we should continue to work on them to develop stamina in these settings. I kept all rowing and wall balls the same for all levels so that even the advance and beefy folks keep moving. To keep this same idea for the other couplet, be sure to scale the double unders to allow you to maintain a similar level of intensity.

A.) Alternating EMOM for 8 minutes
Even: :20-30 Second Hollow Hold (ADV: Weighted with Plate overhead and light DB in between feet)
Odd: 1-5 Pushups (ADV Ring Pushup) (BEEF Ring Dip or HSPU) OR Handstand Walk Attempts

ADV+BEEF flip AMRAP order

AMRAP in 8 Minutes
10 Double Unders (ADV: 20) (BEEF: 30)
10 DB Snatches 40-45/20-25, 50/35, 50-55/35-40 (Barbell Alternative: 75/55 or 95/65)

Rest 3 minutes

AMRAP in 8 Minutes
10 Row Calories ALL Levels
15 Wall Balls ALL Levels


Nabil programmed a similar one to this a couple weeks ago on Saturday that had 1 dedicated sled push each round during the EMOM. I heard it was a fun doozy! For this go around, there will be scheduled rest right after the sled push so that if you are like me who crawls on the ground after the sled, you’ll have a little more recovery before smashing into the next round.  You can start on different movements but I prefer to keep the order the same.

A.) Alternating EMOM for 6 minutes
Even: :20-30 Second Hollow Hold (ADV: Weighted with Plate overhead and light DB in between feet)
Odd: 1-5 Pushups (ADV Ring Pushup) (BEEF Ring Dip or HSPU) OR Handstand Walk Attempts

EMOM for 25 minutes
Max Row/Bike or Ski Calories
Max Situps/Hanging Knee Raises (ADV:Toes to Bar)
Max Burpees
1 70m Sled (40m/15f)
Rest for 1 minute

The finisher weights for rx’d and adv should be something you can do the whole round unbroken or with one short break. Beefy folks might need a a couple quick rests in there as well but I really want this to be a fast mover!

A.) Back Squats
Sum of best 5 sets

3 Rounds
8 Deadlifts 75/55, 10@ 95/65, 12@ 115/75
8 Barbell Lunges 75/55, 10@ 95/65, 12@ 115/75
8 STO 75/55, 10@ 95/65, 12@115/75
200m Run


Row 500m
4 Rounds
8 Hang Squat Cleans 95/65, ADV: 10@ 115/75, Beef: 10@ 135/95, Bison: 10 Squat SN @ 115/105
1 Rope Climbs (ADV: 2 or 1 Regional) (Beef: 2 regional)
10 Box Jump Overs (ADV: 12) (Beef: 15)
Run 403m

ADV+BEEF: Flip Buy in and cash out.


Compare 5/17/17, Similar to 10/31/16
AMRAP in 20 minutes

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:
8 Push Press
6 Pull-ups
8 Kettlebell Swings
**Push Press Rx’d 75/55 (ADV. 95/65) switch each round b/t 6 pullups and 6 pushups

Beef and Bison
AMRAP in 20 minutes
2 Muscle Ups (BEEF+ 4)
4 HSPU (BEEF+ 6)
8 KB Swings 70# (BEEF+ 10)

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