Weekly WOD insights 5/17/21


Over the past couple of weeks we have done 6’s and 4’s. If you made it for both then you should have a pretty good idea what you can do for todays first two sets. The goal for today is not to necessarily set a personal best on any of the sets, but rather to get 3 solid, heavy sets. For the finisher you will have to manage/determine when you need to leave to make the 200m run before time expires. If you know how long a 200m run takes you, aim to give yourself that much time to make the run at the end. Don’t be afraid to push it close to the time cap!


A.) Back squat/Front Squat/Overhead Squat 



B.) 8 Minute clock 
403m run
5 Power Cleans 95/65 115/75 135/95 155/105 or Power Snatch 75/55 95/65 115/75 135/95
5 Burpees (adv Bar facing Burpees)
Run 200m before time expires


Today we have a repeat workout. I think this workout is great because you can approach it a number of ways. If you’re feeling fairly fresh, you can be aggressive on the pacing and really push the machine calories. The beauty of ending on a machine is that its fairly low skill, and allows you to maximize intensity. If you are feeling fairly sore or even just fatigued for whatever reason, this is a great workout to coast on. Find a manageable pace, keep it there, and just move some blood around your system. You’ll feel much better after and be able to come back and hit it hard tomorrow. If you did do this workout last time it was programmed, you are always encouraged to try and beat your previous score!


*Compare to 9/28/20*


Every 5:00 for 25:00
4:00 amrep
200m Run (403m)
10 DB Snatches 45/25 (Alt 50/35) (Hang Power Snatch 95/65)
Max Cals any Machine in Remaining Time
*Score = Total Cals



This will be week 3 of the push pull Emom that I have been working in. If you have made it for the previous two I would encourage you to stick with what you have been doing and try to increase your weight or volume on your movements. I did add a few more options in for this week so if you are absolutely done with the movements you have been doing, feel free to switch it up. The finisher should be a good blend of patterns, bring your grit and try to push through it!


A.) 6 Minute alternating EMOM 
1- 8-15 Push ups, DB bench press, ring push ups, ring dips, DB strict press, Z press
2- 6-15 Ring rows, pull ups, Dumbbell rows, KB rows, strict muscle up, kipping muscle ups


Beef only 
-140m Farmer carry buy in 55+/40+-


4 rounds 
10 Hanging Knee raises or sit ups (6 T2B) (12 T2B)
8 Front Squats 95/65 115/75 (12 Overhead squat 95/65 (115/75)


Rx’d/Adv only 
-70m Farmer carry 45/25 (50/35)-


4 rounds 
8 Box Jump overs (10) (12)
8 Squat cleans 95/65 (115/75)  (Squat clean thruster 95/65) (115/75)


All levels 
-70m Farmer carry-



Today you have two options on the formatting. If you have been doing crossfit for 6+ months, I would highly encourage you to give the chipper a shot. We don’t get a lot of them in our programming and I think they provide a unique challenge thats fun to try out every now and then. If huge sets of burpees and kettlebell swings scare you, opt for the non chipper version!


Chipper version 
40 Down ups (adv Burpees)
40 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44) (am swings 70/53)

40 Cals any machine (Beef Bike only)

30 down ups
30 Russian KB swings
30 Cals any machine
20 Down ups
20 Russian Kb swings
20 Cals any machine


Non Chipper version 
5 rounds 
18 Down ups (adv Burpees)
18 russian swings 53/35 (70/44) (am swings 70/53)
18 cals any machine


For todays olympic lifting advanced option, you will have the option to work on both variations of the jerk. Even though people tend to vastly prefer one or the other, it is still good to practice both variations! Having more movement diversity in your program can help improve your strength. I want todays finisher to be somewhat stressful. It should be a good challenge for you to finish in the allotted time. The first few rounds might feel not too bad but I want rounds 4 and 5 to be a grind! Don’t be afraid to go heavier on the deads, or do a few more wall balls if it means it will be a better challenge for you.


A.) 12 Minute emom 
2 Clean and Jerks or snatches


Adv clean and jerk option
12 Minute emom
1 Clean + Push jerk, 1 Clean + Split Jerk


B.) 5 rounds
Every 2 minutes perform
12 Wall Balls  (15)
10 Deadlifts 135/95 (185/125) (12 @ 205/135) (225/155)
10 Double unders or 30 singles (15) (30)



With Memorial Day Murph coming up I figured it would be a good time to revisit a Cindy-esque WOD since that’s the popular way people break it up. If you don’t know what Murph is, you can read up on the workout and it’s significance here. Even if you don’t have ambitions in participating in Memorial Day Murph, todays workout will still be a good opportunity to test out your upper body endurance! If you feel like you’d like to give a classic CrossFit benchmark workout a shot, try the beefy version “Cindy.”


20 Minute amrap 
5 Pull ups
8/5 Push ups (10)
15 Air squats


*At minutes 0,5,10,15 Run 403m or row 500/400*
20 Minute amrap 
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 air squats





5 rounds 
14 Dumbbell or KB snatch (choose load)
10 Sit ups, tuck ups, or V-ups (6 T2B) (10 T2B)


*Must accumulate calories*
Row/ski cals
Rx’d- 100/80
Adv- 125


Bike cals
Rx’d- 80/64
Adv- 100
Beef- 120
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