Weekly WOD Insights 2/22/21


The aim for todays strength is to build from last weeks loads if you were able to make it for the strength day last week. I also brought back the optional accessories for today if you want to work in some movements that we don’t always get a chance to do. My go to would be anything pulling since we tend to do more pushing than pulling in our workouts and our day to day. The finisher is a good ol fashioned barbell cycler. The aim would be to go as unbroken as possible on the barbell, so pick a pace for the run that will allow you to do so. If you are a barbell monster then go aggressive on the runs and show us your skills with the barbell!

A1.) Back squat/Front Squat/Deadlift
*Ascending, building from last weeks loads*

Don’t be afraid to deadlift. Cool people like Doug deadlift!

A2.) Optional Accessory work
3x 8-12 reps 

Accessory options 
-Dumbbell bench press 
-Dumbbell strict press
-Pull ups -Ring row 
-Single arm dumbbell row
-Forearm plank
-Strict hanging knee raises/ toes to bar

B.) 5 rounds
200m Run
5 Power Clean 95/65 (115/75) (135/95) (165/115)
4 Hang cleans 
3 Front squats 


You’ll notice that the prescribed dumbbell weight is a tad lighter today, and thats because the single arm thruster can be a slightly awkward movement. If its no problem for you then go ahead and use your regular dumbbell weight and work on those fist pumps. If you’re someone who is still building up their dumbbell under prowess, don’t be afraid to work on them in Part A. Even if you don’t get a ton of rounds on Part A, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get some intensity in Part B, and C.

A.) 6 Minute amrap 
14 single arm DB thrusters 40/20 45/25 (50/35) (Bison 2 DB 50/35) 
10 Double unders or 30 singles (20) (40) 

-1 min rest- 

B.) 7 min amrap 
14 dumbbell snatches 40/20 45/25 (50/35) (Bison alt 50/35)
10 Burpees (Beef Burpee over DB) 

-1min rest- 

C.) 8 Minute amrap 
14 Single DB lunge 40/20 45/25 (50/35) (Bison 2 DB 50/35) 
10 sit ups,tuck ups, v-ups (5 T2B) (10 T2B)
15/12 cal any machine (20/15) (25) 


There’s a couple different ways you can attack todays workout. If you’re feeling good you can definitely gas pedal todays workout and get some solid intensity out of it. If you’re feeling a little sore or just want a slightly less intense workout, I would opt for strict pull ups, and a challenging pressing movement/volume amount. Its okay to not hit every workout at 100%, and honestly its better to vary your intensity. You always want to allow your body to have the opportunity to recover from your workouts to get the most benefit from them.

5 rounds Run
10/7 Push ups (14/10) (Beef 6/4 HSPU) (Bison 10) 
6 Pull ups (Adv 10 pull up or 6 C2B) (10 C2B or 3/1 BMU) (6 BMU)
Run 200m 
14 Box Jumps (Beef 20) 


Todays olympic lifting format is a repeat from a couple of weeks ago. Rather than always trying something new, it can be nice to repeat a format you’ve recently done, and see if you can slightly improve from the last time. If you missed out on an opportunity to do the complex last time, you can take a crack at it this time. For the finisher the goal would be for people to go unbroken on the KB swings, or as close to it as possible. Should be a spicy finisher!

A.) 12 Minute Emom 1 Clean Pull + 2 Cleans 
*Compare to 2/12*

Adv Barbell Complex option 
12 Minutes to find heaviest Complex weight 
1 Hang clean (Above Knee) + 1 Hang clean (just below knee) + 1 clean 
*Cannot drop bar once complex has started*
**Compare to 2/12**

B.) For time 
30/25 Cal any machine
 50 russian Kb swings 53/35 (60 @ 70/44) (Beef 70 am swings @ 70/44) 
30/25 Cal any machine 


Today is just a good ol fashioned amrap. Nothin sexy about it, just a couple movements that blend well together and can provide you with some feel good intensity for your Friday. Todays barbell ascender finisher is very much inspired by CrossFit Open (hence the title) style workouts. There always seems to be some kind of ascending barbell workout, and I am thinking this year will be very much the same. If you have no idea what the CrossFit Open is, check out this video! If you’d like to try the barbell ascending format, but the loading or the gymnastics is a tad too much for you, let a coach know and they will be happy to make a more appropriate version for you.  

20 Minute amrap 
8 Power cleans 95/65 (115/75) (10 @ 135/95) 
10 Sit up,tuck up, v-ups (6 T2B) (10 T2B) 
12 Box Jump overs (15) (18) 
*at min 5,10,15 Run 200m*

Ohh the good ol days. Believe it or not I used to take the open very seriously! I still try my best in it but now my main motivation is to beat Marko 😉
Speaking of

Open Style Barbell Ascender 
“Bro Murph Strikes Back” 
20 Minute clock 
30 Power Cleans 95/65 
15 Toes to Bar
20 Box Jump over 
25 Power Cleans 135/95
15 Toes to bar 
20 Box Jump over
 20 Power Cleans 185/125
15 Toes to bar 
20 Box Jump over 
15 Power cleans 205/135
15 Toes to bar 
20 Box Jump over 
10 Power cleans 225/155
15 Toes to bar 
20 Box Jump over


I used this format back in September and I was pretty pleased with the results. I think it can provide for great intensity no matter where you put your effort. One approach is to take a more moderate pace on the machine and go hard on the wall balls and snatches. You can also reverse that strategy and get great results. This format also allows us to get into that 20+ minute time domain without the workout feeling like its dragging on. As I’m writing this we are forecasted for some sunshine, so get after it today and enjoy your sunny Saturday!

Alternate Every 3 minutes for 24 minutes
-Max cal any machine 
-Amrap of 
12 Wall Balls (15) (20) 
15 Dumbbell or Kettlebell snatches 45/25 (50/35) (Beef alt DB not KB 50/35)
 *Compare similar format from 9/12/20*

Speaking of Sunny Saturdays….it might be time for another Bike ride to Cali Craft.


8 Rounds
 200m Run
10 Down ups (Adv Burpee) (Beef Burpees over bar) 
8 Deadlifts 135/95 (185/125) (205/135) (225/155)
10 Double unders or 30 Singles (20) (40) 

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