Weekly WOD insights 12/30/19


The goal for today is to hit each Amrap hard and have consistency on A and C with little drop off. You will have some rest between amraps but make no mistake, 90 seconds is not enough time to make a full recovery so pace it a little more like a 20 minute workout and not  a 7 minute amrap! If you are still working on the double unders you won’t want to spend any longer than 40 seconds on each set just to make sure you keep moving!


A.) 7 Minute amrap
8 Deadlifts 95/65 (adv Hang power Clean 95/65) (Beef 115/75) (Bison 135/95)
6 Shoulder to overhead 95/65 (95/65) (Beef 8 @ 115/75) (Bison 135/95)
70m run


-:90s rest-


B.) 5 Minute amrap 
7 Front Squats 95/65 (95/65) (115/75) (135/95)
10 Double unders (adv 20) (Beef 40)


-:90s rest-


C.) 7 Minute amrap
8 Deadlifts 95/65 (adv Hang power Clean 95/65) (Beef 115/75) (Bison 135/95)
6 Shoulder to overhead 95/65 (95/65) (Beef 8 @ 115/75) (Bison 135/95)
70m run


*three separate scores: A, B, and C*
For you beefy barbell cycling folks you’ll have the opportunity to work on your touch and go ability. If you didn’t already know touch and go means you cannot let go of the barbell for all four reps. This will test your grip and muscular endurance so if you’re feeling up for the challenge go for it!


A.) Every :90s for 15 minutes 
2 Clean and Jerks
Adv: 1 rep
Beef Barbell cycling: 4 touch and go cleans or snatches


B.) For time
6 Pull ups (adv 10 Pull ups or 5/3 C2B) (Beef 10 C2B or 3/2 BMU)
20 Burpees
6 Pull ups (adv 10 Pull ups or 5/3 C2B) (Beef 10 C2B or 3/2 BMU)
15 Burpees
6 pull ups (adv 10 Pull ups or 5/3 C2B) (Beef 10 C2B or 3/2 BMU)
10 Burpees


Rx’d cash out: 25/20 Cals any machine
Adv buys in with 25/20 cals*
Beef buys in with 30 cals*


Happy new year! Today is all about gettin a good sweat in. Nothing is too technical and the format should allow you to just keep moving the entire time. I am sure that some of you may indulge in some new Years eve activities and may need to just sweat it out……


New years hangover cleanse 
21 Minute Amrap
10 Wall Balls (adv 14) (Beef 18)
9 Box Jump overs (12) (15)
8 Power Cleans 95/65 (115/75) (Beef 10 @ 135/95)
*at min 0, 7, and 14 perform a 403m Run (Adv/Beef perform 403m MB carry)*


Unlike our usual Emom formats, today will have a 30 second break in between each set. There is not a ton of work time for today so be sure to utilize the entire minute when it comes to each movement. If you have a skill or  grunt work movement you want to work on, but do not see it on the list, let a coach know and they can ok it for you!!


A.) 6 Minute Emom 
1- Pushing
2- Midline


B.) 4 Rounds 
1 Minute Max Cals
-:30s of rest-
1 Minute of grunt/Skill work
-:30s of rest
1 minute of max DB snatch 45/25 (adv 50/35 or KB sn 53/35) (Beef alt 50+/35+)
-:30s of rest-
*score Cals + snatches* 


Grunt/Skill work ideas
D-Ball/ Sandbag over shoulder
D-Ball/Sandbag 70m Carry
Yoke back/front/ overhead hold
Farmer Carry
Sled push
Handstand walks/ Push ups
Bar/Ring muscle up
Rope Climb
Double unders


You guys seem to be enjoying the OHS option so thought I would keep that alive. If you’re going Rx’d you might want to mix and match hanging knee raises and sit ups if your grip goes out easily. Advanced folks will always be doing four toes to bar right from the get go so the volume can stay on the manageable side.


A.) Back or Overhead Squat   *compare similar 12/3/19*


B.) 12-10-8-6-4-2
Ground to overhead (95/65) (115/75) (135/95)
Hanging Knee raises or sit ups (adv 4 toes to bar) (beef toes to bar)


Take note of the two separate scores.


Partner Workout 


8 sets
200m run or 250/200m row
*one works while other does Burpees*


-directly into-


6 rounds (Adv + Beef 7 rounds) 
12 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44) (Beef am swings 70/53)
12 Wall Balls (beef 15 Wall balls)
8 Box Jumps (adv 10) (beef 12)
*partners may break up work however they want* 
**Two separate scores: one for total time, another for total burpees**


Solo dolo version 


4 sets 
200m run or 250/200m row
*after each run or row perform :45s of max burpees*


-Directly into-


5 Rounds 
10 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70/44) (Am swings 70/53)
10 Wall Balls (Beef 14)
8 Box Jumps

Grab your BFF and get after this one!

Or grab your spouse (at your own risk) and attack it together!


For the dumbbell step ups the dumbbell can be loaded however they please. Suitcase, front rack, back rack, goblet, whatever you want to do. The goal is to make the time frame with a little to spare so choose a combo that will allow you to do so! Match a Kb to whatever DB they are using for the farmer carry. Be sure to keep track of each cycles time!


A.) 6 minute emom 
1- Pulling
2- Midline


B.) Every 4 minutes for 20 Minutes 
14/11 cal row or 10/7 cal Bike or 140m run (adv row 18/15, AB 12/9, run 200m)
12 Single Dumbbell step ups 45/25 (adv 50/35) (Beef 14 @ 55+/40+)
70m Farmer Carry ~45/25 ~50/35 70/53
*Score time for each cycle*
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